Closest thing to love and yet not even close. What do I do? Help?

He just graduated, I'm going to be a senior. He was the ASB president last year that everyone loves because he's kind, gorgeous, respectful and godly. I'm the new ASB prez. We have found ourselves involved in a lot of the same this past year. I have liked him for one year and 2 months since the day I saw him, and after I got to know him I just liked him more and more. Early in the year we flirted a ton bc we were on the same xc team, then in January we told each other we liked each other and it was so flipping cute.. But it was over text,, and then we texted every single day for months. Then I made it stop bc we weren't doing anything in person (bc he told himself he wouldn't do anything in high school bc he can't date till college) so 2 1/2 months of being "apart" and not talking everyday and he was all I thought about and so I re confessed my feelings for him. I'm so glad I did bc he still likes me. He's going to college a short plane ride away and a 12 hour drive. We know we can't do long distance. But we talk everyday and it kills me and I like him so freezing much. He talks about me going to his same college but I can't even think about that right now bc we never even dated so I can't in good faith go just bc of him. I have maybe 2 months here until he leaves for school. I really wanna hang out but I know he will just think that will be harder. I need helpful and nice advice please! I like him so much


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  • Tough one - If you are going to be just friends, everybody has to be on same page - My advice is sit down and talk about it, share your concerns with each other - Openly and honestly lay out where you think this is going and between you choose a path that you both agree on.


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  • I think you should find someone who has more potential to last