Just based on looks, which guy is the best looking?

just based on looks, which guy is the best looking?



  • guy 1 is better looking
    26% (7)29% (2)26% (9)Vote
  • guy 2 is better looking
    15% (4)0% (0)12% (4)Vote
  • guy 3 is better looking
    59% (16)71% (5)62% (21)Vote
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  • I'm going to say the first and 3rd picture of guy 3. because if you notice, the middle guy isn't even the same guy. The 1st and 3rd pics the dude has words tattoo on his lower right stomach. The middle picture has a giant wing tattoo on the right arm while picture 1 and 3 don't... so, I like picture 1 and 3 of guy 3!!!

    • he is the same guy lol, the image is just reversed... duh

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    • Now, guy 2 is obviously the same person. You obviously got the pictures offline, so... if any of these pictures are of you, it's not guy 2. And guy 2 would be my 3rd choice

    • Finally, if any of these are you, it would either picture 1 and 3 from guy 3 or picture 2. Your profile says your 17 so it would be one of those three. Of course, there is always the chance that NONE of them are you... but that's my opinion... :)

  • 3 then 1 then 2

  • What's the name of guy number 3? He always gets posted. I don't usually like muscles at all but wow.


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