Why am I not getting matches on tinder?

I would prefer honest answers
Even if you say that I'm ugly, I honestly wouldn't mind since that would be the truth.
Anyway, here are the pictures that I've put up:

Girls, would you swipe right or left on tinder? And why?

Are there any specific improvements that I really need to make to my profile?

I'm expecting concise and straightforward answers. Thank you very much for your time! :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't swipe at all on tinder since I ain't on there. As for why you ain't getting hits.. It might be cuz you're never looking in the camera. And the second is too close. And the first? Dude if you're on a dating site never post a pic with the opposite gender that ain't your close relative

    • You're probably right about the opp. gender thing
      What would you say about my looks?
      Thank you for your opinion. :)

    • You're a good looking dude! Just take the first pic down and smile in the Camera. Hold it far from your face. And no problem OP. Hope you score! :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • remove the pic with you and the other girl. if thats your first pic people auto assume its you're girlfriend. next look at the camera when you take pics it makes you look confident and like "theres something more" women like that. its also possible you live in an area not many people use it


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What Girls Said 2

  • I would get rid of the group photo with the face paint Lol. I wouldn't deny you on tinder though. you're not ugly. Not brad pitt either. But cute.

  • What pictures are you using


What Guys Said 4

  • Not ugly at all bro. Just hoes trying to find perfect rich guys that's all lol but seriously u look good in my opinion :)

    • Thanks a lot bro :)
      Haha that might just be true! They have so many options, unlike us! :P

    • Ikr guys have a smaller selection

  • Have pics of just you and smiling and looking at the camera lol

    • After doing a lot of research, I found out having two group pictures/ pictures with friends is helpful
      But would looking at the camera change a lot? Lol.
      And thanks!

    • Really? I'd thought they'd be confused who is which lol. Smile and stare at the camera

    • Haha
      Gotcha bro. :)

  • What is your dominant ancestry? Asian? If i know it, it might help me give you a clear answer.

    • It's Indian
      So, white girls don't like brown chocolate lol?

    • I am not a white girl, in the avatar its an Italian woman whom i worship from a close culturally Balkan nation.
      Indians are cool in their own way, but be warned European culture and way of life is complicated. I can't understand Indian and Asian culture either.

  • your not ugly... its just girls dont like indian guys. Im indian too.