If an attractive girl likes you, are you in general attractive to good-looking girls?

If for example you are at a house party and you meet an attractive girl, talk for a couple of hours and make out:
Are you either
i) Attractive to just this one particular good-looking girl (perhaps she is mainly attracted to your personality)
ii) Attractive in general to girls of the same "level" of looks. (i. e they are more attracted to your physique).

I'm just wondering myself, it would be good to know what you guys think (and also of the situ if you swapped the genders)


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What Girls Said 1

  • Uhm.. You know that everyone has a different taste right? Just because an attractive girl (through your own eyes) likes you doesn't mean that every other attractive looking girl will or won't. You can attract all types of girls, it just depends on what type of guys they are into.


What Guys Said 2

  • I couldn't tell you. I'm ass-ugly, but I've had a few really pretty girls express an interest in me for some reason. I guess some of them, for whatever reason, have low standards or don't care about looks or something. Kind of like the Krillin and Android 18 relationship in Dragon Ball Z.

  • Well, I'm not used to it, I'm actually pretty shy around girls, but it seems like a lot of pretty girls like me.