What kind of acne do I have?

***JUST A WARNING THIS IS KINDA GROSS SO BE PREPARED*** I'm a girl about 16 and have the usual hormone acne during certain times of the month, but for the past year or so, I have noticed a strange kind of acne across my back and chest. When you look at it I have small bumps on my skin, no black dots or white heads, that match my skin tone. Some on my back I can scratch at them and a tiny bead of what I'm thinking is sebum, or other skin pollutants, comes off. I can never determine if it absolves the tiny little clogged pore or if it actually reopenned it. All the others though, are very stubborn. I have to wait until they get about the size of the uppercase "O" on my phone keyboard, to pop them and when I do another kernel bursts out. These ones though are softer and can be squished easily. They reoccur and when I try to leave them alone, I get giant pimples which take forever to heal. I haven't gone to a dermatologist yet, but whenever I go to google to try and identify what is going on, nothing seems to match what I'm experiencing. I use a deep cleansing acne wash on my face, shoulder blades and chest regularly and still haven't seen any improvement. I even tried switching my hair products and detergent but nothing changed. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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  • First things first. Relax the fuck out. Just chill. Stop attacking yourself with shit. You're gonna scar. Make sure you are eating plenty of vitamin C rich foods. Citrus fruits, broccoli, bell peppers. Why? Becuase they are essential for collagen synthesis. Stop popping your spots immediately. And again, relax.. it's not permanent. Wait until you have trusted medical advice before you take any further drastic steps.

    • I almost think I have dermatiliomania bc of my subconscious picking I fo on my skin and how I feel urges to rid my skin of this stuff after a few hours How can I keep myslef from popping my acne?

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    • That's sweet but I need like, coatings for my nails or something to stop myself 😕 The bumps also get itchy so that doesn't help

    • Well, if they get itchy, that's a tough one. I had a couple of gnat and horsefly bites on my ankles and hands that I scratched and itched until they bled over and over. You could be allergic to something, and perhaps antihistamines will ease the itching. Another thing you can do is rub, not scratch, or slap (not like full power...), not scratch. Moisturization might also ease the itching, but if it makes it worse, then stop.

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  • It sounds like regular body acne. Neutrogena has a few body scrubs you can try. Follow up with toner and it will clear up in a few months.

    You also need to stop picking. I totally get that it's difficult but the less you pick the less it will spread. Maybe a youtuber like Sandra Lee will help you get over the urge to pick as much as well?


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  • Really for your own piece of mind I would go to a dermatologist - You have been worrying about it for a year trying to sort the problem out - I know it seems like a big step but it will be a comfort to you know what it is and chances are they could help a lot.

  • Try putting witch hazel on it, helps to dry out acne.

  • go to doctor


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