This is kind of embarrassing, but I'm so insecure? Are you? Tips?

no judging please, but I'm really insecure and I don't know why.. I've always been told that I'm pretty, I've been chased by countless of guys (the good looking ones in class), etc etc. random people tell me that I'm pretty
I'm 5'7, weigh around 137 and I'm well proportioned
I just feel really skinny, I don't like myself without makeup, I don't like my hair or my flaws... I just feel ugly
and it doesn't really help that my man doesn't compliment me.. he's the keep to himself type
in so insecure to the point where I obsess over it 24/7
are you insecure? And how do I get over it?
im really not ungrateful, I wish I wasn't like this... I think it's a mental/psychological thing

I totally didn't put the "chasing" part on here to brag or to rub it into anyone's face, I just put it on here so that the depth of my insecurity could be understood, as in I don't understand why I'm like this or where it rises from, but I am :(


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  • Be grateful, so many people would love to have your body & im sure you're very pretty, maybe you can hint at your man that you don't feel confident, but don't sound too insecure. We've all been insecure at some point in our lives, I know I have, A LOT. You can get over it by just trying to think highly of yourself, every night write down one think you love about yourself, but other than that you can't do much.

    • Also, it is not embarrassing, you should not be embarrassed!!

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    • Anytime hun, I'm here to help!!

    • Same, if you need me


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  • "I think it's a mental/psychological thing"

    of course it is. there are some immensely ugly people in the world who are perfectly content with themselves. it's all in the head.

    if you have hot guys chasing you, you are attractive. there's not much more to it.

  • Not having your guy compliment you can make it difficult. Just try to remember that you are attractive and focus on finding that self worth. If you need compliments ask guys what they think like plutonically

  • what is your question?

    • How to get over my insecurity and why I'm like this bc I obsess over it 24/7 sometimes to the point where I cry bc I think nothing looks good on me

    • just think all people are the same like there are no better or worse people. Every one has its flaws. And if you insecure about clothing on you then go shopping with a person who is expert at that.

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  • It sure would help if your guy complemented you. Can't you tell him you're feeling down and need to hear something nice from him?

  • Adding that you've been chased by good looking guys really? Attention whore much?

    • Jealous whore much? I'm literally asking for help, not cyber bullies, thank you.

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    • Lol go see a shrink. They'll help you with your mental issues.

    • Bye bitch, you're obviously insecure for cyber bullying