Which one is the acceptable?

Which is acceptable, which is attractive and which is totally pukeable and mood spoiler?

Which one is the acceptable ?

Which of the above do you have, guy?


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  • I think I could handle any of them. I'm not super picky.

    • Even the top left one? Do you agree it looks really really bad and spoils the face and shirt look. If the same shirt was wonr by a woman her hairless chest skin would have looked great but that fur poking out spoils the shirt and looks like a gorilla is wearing clothes!

    • Why compare it to women? Women are naturally less hairy, so I think that's an unfair comparison.

      I don't think the hair ruins the look. It's a natural thing.

    • Why not compare? We both are same species.. why not compare and have same skin then?
      Well many men eso young men also have hairless upper chests 😞
      What if the hairs start to turn grey those shag carpet grey hair :o


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  • The first one is hugely appealing but they're all nice, I like seeing chest hair peeping over a man's shirt

    • I have the first one and I feel hella hella ashamed and awkward

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    • I am no yet old man 😞😭

    • Doesn't matter, some people go grey earlier than others

  • second from the first line


What Guys Said 3

  • 2nd column last row

    • Means very less and luckyπŸ˜ƒ

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    • You haven't even mentioned your legs.

    • Bit they ARE furry

  • They are all disgusting bleah

  • i have the top right, mine looks sexy and has a cross shaped design

    • Lucky bastard
      Mine is top left😭😭😞

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    • @Bsnype dude why the hell would anyone like being furry?😠

    • lol i know who this is! dude, try some hair removal cream. I'm pretty sure it will remove large amounts of hair. Or you can go get laser hair removal if you have the money.

      Women like their men to have a little hair (some like no hair at all) but there is a certain point to where it does get unattractive and that's a fact you're gonna have to deal with. Just like women who shave their hairs to be more attractive.