What do you think of my appearance (with a 15-second sample of my voice)?

Sorry if the photos are too big. The first one is of me with my favorite outfit for my upper body: a v-neck shirt and a black hoodie. The second one is of me without a hoodie: my arms aren't big, if you determine my appearance in part by that.

The main reason I'm asking this questions, though, is because of the sound of my voice. Some people have made fun of it, so there's a very short video with a sample of my voice.

What do you think of my appearance (with a 15-second sample of my voice)?

Thanks for the opinions so far.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You seem really cuteeee


What Guys Said 2

  • I think your voice is cool -- it's articulate, clear, distinctly enunciated. It's a bit monotone but in a way that might be very well-suited for dry humor.

    I almost imagine like a professor of some sorts, much older than you, delivering a lecture to a classroom. I can also imagine like a cartoon character on a show like The Simpsons or Family Guy. It seems fitting.

    There's a professional kind of quality to your voice with the very clear enunciation that seems well-suited for, say, cartoon voice-overs if you ever wanted to pursue that line of work.

    The only thing is that the person I imagine from the voice doesn't quite match your appearance. You look like very young guy, while I'm imagining someone considerably older.

    Probably it's merely the contrast between your voice and appearance which might amuse some people, but I think you can work it to your advantage somehow. You might also be able to break the monotone nature, trying to speed more quickly and with a bit more emotion behind it, which might kind of make it match your appearance in some respects. That said, I think it's a great voice.

    • [...] trying to speed [/speak] more quickly [...]

    • How could I "work it to my advantage"?

    • Possibly with some adjustments like trying not to be so monotonic -- it's very clear and well-enunciated -- maybe the only thing is the monotone nature of it might put some people to sleep (again conjuring up a stereotype of a professor giving a lecture). But there's probably going to be some people drawn to the clarity with which you speak, and also some possible career paths that open up as a result of your voice.

  • you're voice is cool, I dunno what's funny about it, are you Canadian?

    • No, I'm U. S.-originated.