Girls, Opinion on facial hair?

Girls, Opinion on facial hair ?

I know it's not overly visible but should I leave it there or clean shave? I really dislike being clean shaven but I'm newly single and have no idea what girls like. Do I look bad with it?


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  • Not cute but if it's a hassle to shave everyday then what's the harm in a little fuzz. You live for you, not for random girls.

    • It's not hassle I can trim it down further I just don't like the feel of havin a cleanly shaven face it makes me feel exposed.

    • Exposed 😂 if you feel more comfortable with it then leave it.

    • Seriously it makes me feel like a child haha

  • do you have a shaved photo so we can compare?

    anyway I think it is better to shave it cuz it is incomplete

    • I'll see if I can find one not sure if I do have one though. It's incomplete because I trim the moustache area and under my lip because I feel I look a bit stupid haha.

    • no , I think you may either grow it all or shave it all , you look nice in both

  • You don't look bad but I'm really not into facial hair