Should a guy like me ever even think about getting married and having children?

Given the negative things that I have it is better for sake of women and humans I'm general that men like me never date, marry and NEVER reproduce because we contaminate the huma genes pool.
I am short, I am extremely hairy and am skinny.
In short in physical aesthetics I suck.
Should a guy like me ever even think about getting married and having children?

This is what a sexy healthy tall normal man is:

The second picture is my arms , my excee hairy arms , my whole of legs are also the same.
Abnormal fur ew wf what an aesthetic curse


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  • Firstly stop putting yourself down. I have seen a photo of you and you're very handsome, that's not what you're telling everyone, secondly when you're not moaning about your hair you're actually a very sweet man. There's someone for everyone out there and there's women out there who would love a hairy hunk as a husband and father.

    • Oh and the guy in the last photo that you assumed is every women's ideal is my idea of hell! Yuck!

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    • You have body hair, either leave it or trim it but you're wasting your life away in the meantime worrying about it. And just because you're hairy doesn't mean that your child will be.

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  • Where are your nips in the first pic

    • I think those are his arms...

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    • @Fearless_banana O well I mean aesthetic/cosmetic hell.
      If you suffered from the fur?

    • Nips are hidden under fur 😞


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  • Please stop talking down on yourself. There is always that's perfect someone out there for everyone. Cut the hair a bit and you'll be fine. Some girls like hairy guys so you may not even have to shave at all. It all depends on the girl and if she's right for you. You need to work on your self esteem and have some confidence. Also if a girl truly liked you they would care about your heart and not your body. Just saying

    • Torture that perfect someone with my fur and stubbly body?😭
      No one likes those come on

    • Doesn't guy with smooth body look way way way superior and better and sexier?

  • why don t you do laser I don t understand.
    hair is easily fixed.
    and I ve seen you here like a thousand times
    your face is gd by the way

    • It's not that easily fixed when you have such amount of hair all over the body! Do lser where? Whole body? Why me? Why the fuck do other people have less hair, why don't everyone suffer from excess fur?😠

  • lol haha sorry don't mean to laugh, its just hair dude, you can get rid of it. I'm a girl and I'm too hairy for a woman lol not like you though. I have to shave my legs every second day, pluck my eyebrows daily, the arm hair, I leave it coz lucky for me its light and fair -don't wanna make it worse lol apart from hair, when I'm rid of it, I'm considered very hot lol don't let it get to you and put you down. Sorry don't mean to gross people out, this my little secret haha

    • No matter how "hairy" girl you are you aren't this ugly furry almost fucking covered in hair. When a man gets excessively hairy it means it's hell hairy like a beast. You are lucky even if you don't shave you won't end up having pubes thick hair all over your body. Maybe society is weird to women about fuzz but it's lucky for women to not even grow much hair naturally.
      Well so you got shocked by seeing this fur? Ain't it a turn off and as a woman you wouldn't worry about having furry kids with this man aa your hubby?

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    • @hairydudesrock Russian women are the sexiest😉

    • I'm not into woman but I'm. sure Russian girls are beautiful, I prefer men myself, big, strong and preferably hairy and ones that don't cry like little girls about having body hair... Whiney men irritate me

  • Don't give up

    • What does that mean? How will I even stop my genes from getting passed in,? Sure I can wax for the sex partner but the genes are still there and highly likely to get passed on

    • Unbelievably hairy!

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  • Just cut it.

    • Like you normal people cut pubes?

    • Sometimes, but it's rare because i have less.

    • Less pubes? How lucky of you dude I wow wow