Do you think zayn Malik did a good thing by leaving one direction?

Tbh, I was just listening to his songs and comparing it to that of 1D and I actually think he is more talented than the other members and did a great job by being independent. Also he had the best nose, eyes and facial hair and jaw so he seemed out of of place among them lol jk

  • Yeah he did a good thing
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  • Nah, should have stayed
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  • honestly, yes. he was always odd, and his new album makes it clear that he has a different style of music.
    I'm currently obsessed with BeFoUr by him. such a good song. and TiO.

    LMAO @ u talking about his looks

    • YeH last part was meaningless. But honestly he was always being associated as the white guy and media tried its best to not focus on his Pakistani roots making brown people look ugly as usual but by himself he is actually had even more fans because his roots are considered now

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  • I have heard some of his solo stuff and thought it was good.


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  • Money wise? Sure. I have not followed One direction or Zayn Malik so I'm unsure. I'm sure he told said something about "him trying to find himself again" but then made a solo album instead

  • yes, he did a good thing because now king harry has more solos


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