Rate my party look?

So we are having this "party" in Christianity that when you're 15 you are going to a camp to learn few things about our religion. At the end is a party called confirmation, where you invite your relatives, family and good friends. After that teen is allowed to become a godfather or godmother to a baby or get married in a church. So I'm soon having this party and I'm planning on wearing this outfit. What do you think? Rate me 1-10?

Rate my party look?

Sorry about shit quality...

But please, rate me? I also might just curl my hair and wear it down. Thank you for opinion ♥ :)

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Love ~~~Isela ♥♥

So basicly we'll be 1/6 of the day in church and the rest elsewhere celebrating. Besides we have white cloaks on


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  • That outfit is definitely a 10 Isela in fact it is closer to an 11... wooooowwwwww

    • Haha thank you

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    • Thank you for the MHO Isela XXXXX

    • Your welcome :)

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