Being a late bloomer, How do I look now?

I never had a girlfriend because of many reasons like social anxiety, shy nature, bad acne, low self esteem and my messed up life, however I have started grooming myself and my lifestyle and I don't have any close female friend to ask this and I just wanted to know your opinion.Being a late bloomer, How do I look now?


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  • The second picture is amazing😍😍😍
    The third though...


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  • I would say close to profile age but maybe a bit younger 23/24

    • Sorry totally misread question - Yeah I think you look fine - Second pic looks good, could be shadows but is there a unibrow going on.

    • Thanks, yeah I have a slight connecting eyebrows and I get that a lot from westerners whenever I video chat with them but in India its quite common and nobody ever told me that here.


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