I am interested in an honest opinion on my measurements/body?

Hello, I have been wondering what people honestly think of my body type so I would enjoy an honest opinion from anyone! Height: 5'3 Weight: 130 lbs. Measurements: 34-29-39 Bra size: 34C Body Type: Spoon/Pear with a bit of a tummy and bigger thighs than average. Race: Half Asian/Half White Thank you for your opinion!

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  • Only opinion that I have is that it sounds like you are in an incorrect bra size. 34C is meant for someone with a 34" underbust and a 37" bust, which you don't have. Most bra stores add inches to your underbust so you would probably be better off closer to a 30 band since I doubt you have a 34" underbust if your bust is 34".


    • I'm not sure, my bra fits perfectly fine to me. My under bust is 30" and my bust is about 34" to 35" inches depending on what day of the month it is. That would make me about a 30 DD which is a sister size to 34 C. I prefer to measure my bra size by finding the difference between my bust and the measurement right under my arms, it's more accurate to me.

    • Have you tried on your 34C backwards and upside down? A loose band can hide when you have the cups on the breasts to support the overall bra. Since it seems like you are in the right cup volume, perhaps check out the sister size 32D or maybe even 32DD. Also, do you make sure the underwire is all the way up in your underbreast crease and that you scoop all the tissue forward into the cups?

      Sorry, I'm not trying to be a bother. I just like sharing bra knowledge because I hate that I didn't know all these things for so many years. I was wearing 32D/34Cs before I found out all this info. I am now much happier in a 30F and like to help other people learn about modern sizing.

    • Okay, I'll try out the sister sizes and I do all of the things you asked about like making sure the underwire is all the way up and such. I think my bra fits pretty nicely, and every brand is different even if the sizes are the same so I'll try it out.


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  • I personally like girls under 5'5 like your height.
    You're good but i think you may like to loose some weight.

  • Asian with a booty? awesome!

  • Sounds pretty sexy

  • like it.


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What Girls Said 3

  • you sound fine! no worries

  • sounds sexy

  • I've never met a half asian/half white that wasn't attractive