Body preference?

Not trying to discriminate any body type what so ever. Just curious to see what people prefer when looking for a partner or simply what they're attracted too.

  • Skinny and tall
    24% (8)32% (10)28% (18)Vote
  • Skinny and short
    15% (5)26% (8)20% (13)Vote
  • Fat or chubby short
    0% (0)6% (2)3% (2)Vote
  • Fat or chubby tall
    6% (2)3% (1)5% (3)Vote
  • Toned or buff tall
    39% (13)6% (2)23% (15)Vote
  • Toned or buff short
    6% (2)10% (3)8% (5)Vote
  • Other? Feel free to share!
    10% (3)17% (5)13% (8)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • as long as the girl is not anorexic type thin and as long as she is not seriously obese then it is great.


What Guys Said 5

  • Slim of any height is my personal favorite aesthetic. It has more to do with proportions than height.

    The features I tend to notice most are features I personally consider "elegant", like a long neck, slim shoulders, elongated abdomen, things of this sort.

    I tend to be the type that thinks posture and the way a woman poses and moves can boost her beauty considerably, and posture and pose is more pronounced in slimmer figures with longer limbs (ex: imagine an overweight ballerina and what's wrong with that picture). Put another way, I'm attracted more to skeletal arrangement than outer body contours.

    That said, I still like looking at a girl with a nice round booty twerking it. "Sex appeal" to me might be based on body contours, but my personal (wildly subjective) idea of "beauty" is often derived more from the slim figure with an emphasis on posture, motion, pose, and some classical idea of "elegance".

    • Maybe put another way, I tend to be most drawn to figures that are suitable for dancing of a kind that places emphasis on posing and posture, not outer body contours. Twerking is all about curves and contours, ballet is all about pose as two extremities.

  • Long legs and thin :S I am pretty tall and thin and I always just preferred this body type. Not a stick of course but slim.

  • I don't really have a type but I had to pick I would say slim, fit and tall.

  • 5'9 skinny/fit big boobs baha

  • Toned and very tall 😃


What Girls Said 2

  • I like mah men... Lean and tall (not so tall) thats bout it!

  • Like I wanna vote curvy but I don't wanna vote fat, so..

    • Hence the "or" chubby could be considered curvy right?

    • Curvy and chubby are two different things though

    • But they can be the same thing too, just choose the other option if you don't feel fat or chubby is what you like hahah