What hair color should I dye my hair (clearer photos) ?

What hair color should I dye my hair (clearer photos) ?
Hey girls/guys! Don't you ever feel like you had the same hair for ages, well I feel that way so I am looking for a change. I am a natural dark blonde planning on dying my hair either platinum/light blonde or black, specifically I would do a level 7 root since my roots will show up instantly with the light hair or should I dye my hair black with a blue sheen to it. Please do not suggest any other colors since I am geared up into choosing either of the hair colors shown below. Thank you. Please comment below on what you think I should do? I love reading the comments below. If any of you are wondering, no I would not dye my eyebrows dark if I were to dye my hair black since I think I do not need to, since I think I already look good with the combination (blonde eyebrow/dark hair), plus it so much work for me since my eyebrows will grow fast. :)

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Just a disclaimer, I have been platinum before and I am wondering if I should go blue black?
Guys I think I am going to dye it black because I have been thinking about dying it black for a really long time, plus i have been platinum before, so going darker will be a change, and aren't I looking for change? This was the point of this poll to tally up how many people believe I should platinum or black and I come to realize that just because I always get blonde as the final results, does not mean that I should dye it blonde, just because others say I should. I think I should take a jump?


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  • I like the plat! It matches your eyebrows and makes you look warm if that makes any sense.😁

    • It's probably the editing of the photo, I tried to use as much lighting as possible to make the hair lighter and it happened to accidentally make my skin lighter as well lol. The last photo is my actual skin color since it was under natural lighting. Thank you ☺️


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  • I like the black and style of last pic

  • most people have told you platinum the last few times you asked this question. if you want to go dark then go dark.

  • You look like a witch without blonde hair. Smile with teeth.

  • please enough with this question i see u everywhere

    • I made an update that I would post clearer photos, because I received complaints on the app I previously used and that the photos were blurry.

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