If you could change your height, would you rather be short or tall?

I'm just curious... Also, ignore the fact if you are already short or tall. Please don't be biased and choose short for example (this is an example) since you are already short and can't change it. I mean like you could choose short if you really wanted to be short. But I'm just saying be honest with this and don't be biased please. Although some people may still be biased but that's okay. Also I wanted to add more options for the polls, but I think I can't pass 7 options.

  • I'm tall and I like to be tall
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  • I'm tall and I want to be short
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  • I'm average and I like to be average
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  • I'm average and I would like to be tall
    Vote D
  • I'm average and I would like to be short
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  • I'm short and I want to be tall
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  • I'm short and I like being short
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  • im satisfied with my height

    • nah man, i am only an inch taller than u and its a shit height. sidharth malhotra is 6' master race, we are manlets

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    • @vnmc123123111 hmm

    • That's great! :)

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What Guys Said 8

  • Considering my entire mothers side of the family is full of "traditional" 6ft and over men, women usually hitting 5'9, I would like to grow a lot taller as I'm currently 5'6.

    • You will probably grow taller don't worry! :)

    • I've been this tall since I was 13 and in 7th grade. While I love the enthusiasm, I think I'm done growing lol.

  • I went D - I am average but I wouldn't mind being tall but it is not a huge desire

  • I'm fine where I am.

    • I'm glad you have a good self esteem! :)

    • One's height is directly related to one's self esteem now? :P

  • None of the answers. I'm tall, but I want to be even taller. I'm 6'2" now, but I want to be really tall, like 6'6" or seven feet.

    • Nice! Your like an ideal height now. I say 6'2 or 6'3 is ideal :)

    • 7 foot would just be inconvenient beds too short cars too small higher risk of back problems.
      I think unless your a sports star or it helps you with your job anything over 6'4 would be too much. My feet stick out sometimes at 6'1.

  • I'm exactly 5'7" and I'm okay with it but I'd like to get a little bit taller like 5'9"

    Do you think I'm pretty short?(my dad is 5'10")

    • Well, I'm half a centimeter below 5"10, so in my opinion that's short. But I know a lot of girls who are below 5"7 so you should be okay. :)

  • I'm 6 and I might go 6'1 but i'm not that bothered I think close enough to the 6'1 6'2 girls online say they like.
    Also I remember a short girl from my flat a while back say it must be great being tall so she must have thought my height was ideal.

    • True I say like 6'2 and 6'3 is ideal. but 6'0 is perfect too! :)

    • If your too tall you have to deal with back problems I have and arnt whos 6'2 and has back problems. Her dad and brothers are apparently all in the 6'7 to 7foot range so i imagine it's even worse for them.

  • Short as fuck and hate it

    • It's okay. I think short guys are cute! :) And I know a lot of short girls who like short guys. So don't worry about it!

  • im 6ft 1 and want to be 6ft 2

    • Nice! :) In my opinion 6"3 is ideal

    • nice, how tall are you :). Also, can you tell much of a difference between 6'2 and 6'3

    • Lol I'm just below 5 foot 10.

What Girls Said 3

  • I'm tall and ok with my height.

    • Nice! I'm tall and self conscious about my height. sometimes i like being tall, sometimes i wish i would be average.

  • I'd love to be a shortie

  • am short (5'3) and i wanna be tall