Am I in love or is it just an infatuation?

there is this girl i met on the internet, i know it sucks, i met her on a chat site which is why i hate myself even more. But she is intelligent, has a great sense of humour, those beautiful brown eyes (brown eyes are still shit and if u have them, apply for euthenasia but they are beautiful on her coz of her orbitals), that smile, that hair etc etc. I met her about a month back and it was all just fun talking but recently i think about her ALL THE TIME, i have gone crazy.

Also @elissadido, her maxilla is neutral with a balanced bite and has good orbital bone and high cheekbones, giving her the amazing positive tilt shape, just like you (you have ur analysis now :P)

  • Momentary infatuation
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  • LOVE <3
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you have neutral tilt though @elissadido, which is good enough too
Just to be clear, she likes me too, so i am not being one of those whiny nice guys who is swooning over a girl out his league coz she was nice to him :-D :-D


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  • I don't distinguish "infatuation" from "love". I never found the two *that* different in terms of feeling.

    I think there is "inexperienced love", like when you love someone from afar or love someone in a relationship that got very passionate very quickly but have never been through rough patches together (those are unfortunately often doomed to fail unless one or both partners are very mature).

    "Inexperienced love" might be often at low odds of success (especially if you have no indication that the other person feels the same way), but I don't think it's worth monopolizing what "love" actually means. I sometimes find middle-aged people like myself trying to do that and implying "love" means "duty" or something like that -- usually not role models when it comes to passionate relationships.


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  • lmfao don t you overanalyse things a lot xD
    it s like a scientific shit
    if you can t reach her I find it pointless and a waste of time

    • U look so adorable and hot at the same time 😉

    • lmfao
      and what about my orbital bone whatever that mean and lame brow eyes as you say
      you mirin? ;)

  • That's cute haha !
    Mmm do you like her personality?

    • I didn't understand the analysis but thanks lol!

    • thats the thing, she has the face of a woman thats tending to be hot with the childlike innocence and an amazing petite body too at 5'5" and while that does strike my mind, i think more about how intelligent and talented she is (she is a great singer and can play 4- 5 instruments)

    • analysis is you are good to go, dont worry about it :-D

      try eating more carrots though, 5-6 a day, beta carotene orangeish glow on light skin is attractive as fuck

  • Aw now is this because she's the only good looking gagger that was so nice to you?

  • this is the exact thing that happens to me countless times, with every guy I ever begin talking to! unfortunately you start to idealise all the things you like about them and make them way better than they are in reality, and thats the harsh truth!
    although i may just be cynical and you may actually just be a really lovely person who sees the best in people, so take what you may of that ;)


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  • Internet = infatuation

  • This is depressing. Their height of capacity?

  • ur from india she prolly isn't
    internet stuff is hard

  • brahhh you're just horny, just masturbate over the profile pic and itll be gone

    • not at all actually, i think more about kissing her, making out, being together without even an erection lol, this has never happened before

    • well good luck man