Guys, is this face honestly "freakishly" wide, or were the 2/3 guys just trolling?

These shots are make up free selfies, taken close up, just to give an idea of how the face looks. I already posted some pictures of my arms/stomach last night, just so people would see that I'm actually slim. I even have photos of my face when I was 4kg underweight. (In these photos, my BMI is 20.5).
Guys, is this face honestly

I would like to know what people really think as I will in a year or so be able to afford some surgery, if I want it. I can feel the sides of my face and there are bones, not fat. So becoming underweight again will not give me a long thin face like below, but just sunken cheeks (a face shape I don't like, actually, but several people on this site do):


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  • I think FREAKISHLY wide is harsh to say the least, though if you want complete honesty, I'd say you have wider cheeks than average. But then you are only showing me two pictures, people always look better in motion.

    I really don't know if surgery is what you should go for since it seems like messing around with your bone structure could be damaging, but it's really up to you.

    • Well surprisingly, I was asked to model, just by a professional photographer who liked my look. I

      Yes, well there were two guys on here, one of them said something like: 'ridiculously wide, looks fat and flabby; (but I can't see where the billowing fat is in my face), and another 'seriously fucked up genetics'. Yet there are lots of people who have wide cheeks and I don't think there genes are fucked up...

    • I wouldn't let just two guys get to you, you don't have 'fucked up genetics' and you really don't need surgery.

      Even when I say "wider cheeks than average", it's not like I'm saying that's some kind of detriment to your face, hell I'd say my nose is bigger than average, I've got a Roman nose with a fairly prominent bridge, though I'd say still say I have other traits that are attractive, facially.

      I could see you doing modelling, incidentally.

    • Thanks. I;ve always hide wider cheeks and then my face tapers into a narrow chin - it's just the way by bone structure is. Possibly, those two guys just wanted a reaction... They kept posting a comment every 2 minutes. I think they wanted to argue.

      A roman nose isn't unattractive on a guy - stronger noses are associated with masculinity. It's the women who want little snub noses! :) haha

  • Do not get surgery. Changing the bone structure of your face is serious and reserved for those which major defects. You have a wide face, so what. Yes it makes your face look fat but if the rest of the body it fit then it doesn't matter. Any comments I leave to anyone regarding this topic are usually based in health and safety.

    • Hmm yes but it's my face and I have to live with it. There are lots of (thin) celebrities with wide faces, some of them even appear to have chubby cheeks when they smile (a bit like Kirsten Dunst maybe), but not everyone is saying their faces look 'fat'.

      I'm not going to rush into any surgical procedures, not least since I do get asked out often, but I might consider it.

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    • Yeah, this wot has made me stop giving a shit. You have a wide face. Period.

    • Don't see why this post changes anything, no reason you should 'give a shit' either way. I just asked a question about my face and got different opinions, because I wanted to make my face look as attractive as I possibly could, and I was considering tweaking it if lots of people say it looks ugly or whatever... But this is just an internet forum, so I won't actually take it *that* seriously.
      Don't see why what I just posted angered you... You assumed I had "no other opportunities" in life just because I care about my appearance, but I do...

  • You look fine. I like the first picture with the longer hair better.

  • Your face is wide but not freakishly wide. I actually like a wider face

    • Um ok... One user above was basically telling me that my face looks fat

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    • Personally I don't think it's plain and I wouldn't change anything. I personally like a wider face and tend to find it more attractive. Trust me when I tell you that your face looks nice

    • Ok, thanks

  • Please don't get surgery. I think you're good looking


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