Girls, How do you even get a girks attention?

I'm hopeless with girls, completely hopeless. I mean I've been in relationships I've had two long term relationships but now I just don't seem to know what I'm doing anymore. It's like I've been reborn and I have no idea what girls like or want or have girls just changed? Advice would be nice ladies, I don't wanna be on my own forever!


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  • I don't know about other girls, but for me personally, guys have never approached me before so it would be amazing to me if a guy would come talk to me and show me that he likes me lol. There's probably other girls like me out there too who want a guy to notice them- I think you just have to be patient and if you fail, don't let that discourage you, because there are other girls who are different. For me personally I would want a guy who is sweet, caring, and funny, and someone who's not afraid to talk to me and be honest with me. That's how for me personally a guy could get my attention, good luck!!

  • Life is a juggling act. Imagine balls for all aspects of your life, including work, school, hobbies, friends, family, health, romance, etc. Sometimes you "drop" the friend ball because you have studying to do, and other times you "drop" the school ball because you have work to do. If you've dropped the romance ball, it's not because you are hopeless or that women have changed, it's just that the other aspects of your life are demanding your attention right now. (There is a reason why things didn't work out with your ex, for example.) So stop worrying about being alone forever, because you have nothing to worry about. Just take this opportunity being single to focus on the other aspects of your life, giving the right person time to come into your life and yourself time to grow.

    • I really do need to concentrate on the other aspect of my life like you said, thank you putting it this way has made it a lot clearer.

    • No problem at all. If you ever want to pm me or talk, just let me know.