Which country are y'all from?

Let's see where most of us on here are from

  • Africa (Kenya, Tanzania)
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  • India (Mumbai Delhi)
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  • America
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  • Australia
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  • South Arabia
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I am from America. lol. I like my country but not its history cuz it is basically European immigrants coming here taking over the country from American Indians then bringing in slaves to build it but the good thing is besides the disease, enslavement, and mass killing, they brought new innovative ideas and built a productive country in just a few centuries by borrowing ideas from Asia, Europe and Africa but building on them.

    • Yeah I read all that. Thanks LOL

    • Welcome. Hey, the truth must be told. U asked for it. lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • Japan or U. S. -- toss-up (citizen to both countries and lived in both of them almost equally as long and at various points in life).


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