Pictures vs. Mirror?

Okay so whenever I look in the mirror one day and I think that I look particularly good, I take a picture and then BOOM. I feel horrible the rest of the day because the picture looks awful and I feel so ugly. However, I've had a lot of guys tell me that I'm pretty, beautiful, etc. whenever I look at pictures I can't believe that I look that way. I know about the whole reversed image thing and we're just not used to seeing ourselves that way stuff... but do you think we look more like pictures, or what we see in the mirror?


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  • The problem is not actually directed to reverse image but asymmetric face.

    When degree of asymmetry is higher, this reverse image effect has a bigger impact on how different we look.

    In the mirror, as we see ourselves regularly the asymmetry is not perceived. It's like mirror can hide asymmetry because we are used to it. Pictures can't.

    That's my theory and conclusion after thinking about it for a long time.


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  • We look more like what we see in pictures, but not what we see ourselves as in pictures. Since it is reversed from what we are used to, it definitely can look very strange and unfamiliar. I've read that you may not even recognize yourself if you saw yourself walk past on the street (don't know how accurate this is but I could believe it.) If you are uncomfortable with how you look in pictures, experiment with angles and the sides of your face. Try and think how the people who say you are beautiful are standing in relation to your face; i. e. are they taller than you? take a picture slightly above and from a bit of a distance. :)


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  • Yeah I think there is something weird about how we perceive ourselves in pictures and in the mirror - I think we are our own harshest critic so maybe we should try and see what the other people are seeing when they say we are handsome/pretty.

  • i look like shit in teh mittor too sometimes.
    but im okay in pics. i think peiple would say im decent looking irl

  • i too would like to know, i be looking sexy af in the mirror then i take out my phone camera and WHAM! instant troll face :(


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  • Your mirror is image is how you actually look
    Your picture is how other people see you. This may sound like an oxymoron, but let me explain

    Your mirror is how you actually look in real life. Yes, it is a reversed mirror image, but it is close enough (maybe like a 1% difference). So it may not be reality because your right eye is now your left and so on, but the differences are trivial.