Looking for some constructive criticism. It's not my face is it?

I finally decided to put myself out there this past year, and all I've got is a string of rejections. Now maybe I'm just really socially awkward and inept instead of ugly, but I thought I'd hit you guys up and get some feedback. Help me figure out what's the what in the looks department? I just can't tell what other people see.

Here's my Face! And here's the rest of me!

I'm serious, break it all down for me. Forehead too high? Hair no good? Eye's ugly? Let me have it. P. S. 5'6" so, maybe it's the short guy thing...

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Most Helpful Guy

  • The guitar pic is good, girls dig dudes with passion.
    I think (no offense your forehead due to your hairline isn't great..)
    But, you can do stuff with your hair, style it differently and you might see a change in results. I'm only 5'4 lmao


What Girls Said 1

  • I can't tell you what your problem is because you look attractive to me...


What Guys Said 3

  • You are definitely in the above average, handsome range

  • I think I can tell what your problem is and it's not your looks I believe you are suffering from nice guy syndrome, this doesn't mean be a dick you just need to change the way you say things to sound more forceful instead of passive you are a mans who knows what he wants and only wants the finest things

  • You look good bro I said 7 8 but maybe there are some problems in your behaviours check them