As what did I gain these 5 kilograms?

Do you suppose I gained most of it as Fat?

Me when I was 65 kilograms on empty stomach ( BMI: 22)

As what did I gain these 5 kilograms?
Me when I was 70 kilograms on empty stomach ( BMI: 23.6)

Here are my 2 photos at different weights on empty stomach. I posted the only ones on empty stomach because no matter how much I weigh, after I eat food, I get a big belly and look fat because my stomach gets so bloated after I eat food. Those are the photos on empty stomach.

I went from 65 kilograms to 70 kilograms. I gained 5 kilograms.


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  • I don't see a difference.

    • Not seeing a difference isn't better? It must mean my body fat percantage did not get any higher.

    • I gained 5 kilograms but my body percantage looks the same. It must mean I gain both fat and muscle together.

    • If the opposite happened, going from 70 to 65 kilograms instead of going from 65 to 70 kilograms, everybody would be saying I lost muscle since I looked the same. This is what I call double standart. This is really double standart.

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  • i think you gained fat

    • So my lifting weight at home doesn't make me gain muscle mass?

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    • looks ok. you need some more hard work to do


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  • Looks like fat.

    • All of it?

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    • In the begining I was only working arms. I started working other muscles later.

    • I've been working my arms for about a month and I'd say I have more progress man. What you're doing might be working but it's slow.

  • It doesn't look that different

    • So as what did I gain? I look a little bit bigger with clothes on.

    • I think more than a little bit. I look bigger with clothes on.