Can someone tell me what my face shape is?

Sorry if this is weird/in the wrong section. I didn't know where would be best to post it! I've been wanting to cut my hair for awhile now because I'm bored with it and I would really like to pick a style that best suits my face shape. I've had online generators tell me different things and family/friends tell me different things. I just want to get as many opinions as I can and I'll just go with the one that I get the most! Haha. And to see the picture, just type imgur. com before the / and paste it into your browser. Thank you for your help! It saves me a lot of grief. 😁



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  • This is the picture for the rest:

    I'm far from an expert but I'm actually leaning towards "round" even though you have some of the heart/square features.

    It is a little bit difficult to tell though with that picture since some of it is determined by your hairline (the hat covers that up) as well as ratio of the width of your face to the length of it.

    It might be easier to tell with a mugshot-style photo without the hat and your hair pulled back.

    • One thing is that if you find a skilled hairstylist (might be a bit more expensive but a one-time visit might help you find a cool style), they'll usually know and be able to tell you and you can actually discuss what type of hairstyles might suit your face the best and pick among the ones you feel most comfortable with. It's okay to consult with them a bit and help them figure you out instead of knowing exactly what hairstyle you want in advance.

    • Thanks for your advice. 😊


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  • A bob hair style might work really well for you. Your face is beautiful and I like your smile :)


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  • Either round or heart-shaped.