Does this look like toenail fongus or is this from a injury?

Does this look like toenail fongus or is this from a injury?

Ok my right pinky toenail is really brownish red and my left pinky toenail is beginning to get darker, wil this go away or will they be dark forever is it fongus. This my third time posting this. Should I do some online treatments for fungus even tho I'm not sure lol, I don't want to spend money on a doctor. Does it look bad.


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  • Honestly this is one of those situations where you really should spend the money. Fungal infections are hard toget rid of and they only get worse the longer you leave them. You could end up with some really serious problems if it isn't properly taken care of in the begining.

  • An injury.

    • Think it looks bad or infected, I don't think Brown toenails go away yo.

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    • Yea I mean I seen worst toes lol, I guess I could take better care of my toes, but I slack on that because I'm lazy. But my toes arn't bad tho especially for a man. I guess id go to a spa or a doctor or just put some moisturizer on them.

    • Yes please do that. Take care fo your feet cuz u can get infections

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