Girls, Had sex with my girlfriend after 1 month and she was not aroused?

I told my girlfriend that i would not have sex with her as i
was concentrating on gym

Today after so much of her request we had sex and she told that me getting abs and cuts didn't suit me and was a turnoff as was well looking before without them...

Is my body that non arousing during sex...

What do i say her?Girls, Had sex with my girlfriend after 1 month and she was not aroused ?


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  • Wow. You're really really hot.
    She must have some freaky mind not to be turned on. I think your girlfriend is an alien.
    Id be turned on

    • Really its a turn on to you :o

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    • haha geez thanks girl

    • You're welcome


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  • First, be careful not to get an aneurysm or something from all that flexing you're doing. Second, if my boyfriend told me we werent having sex for a month just so he could go to the gym? I would not be a happy camper at all. Maybe she's annoyed you made her wait until you said it was okay without any regard for what she wanted or needed. Third, I concur with the first commenter that you seem a bit thin. maybe she likes her guys to look sturdier and youve lost more weight then she'd like? of course, its your body and your choice.

    • Does my body looks bad to you?
      Leave others whats ur opinion :)

    • personally im not a fan of super thin guys but thats just me. Though you have muscle definition, its minor and your waist is pretty small. I like a guy who looks sturdy lol if that makes sense

    • yep i get u

  • The rib 😳

    • Whats with my rib :o

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    • No they dont 😉 dont be hard on yourself really

    • 😛 Haha

  • Dude you re so thin