Damon Salvatore or Ryan Atwood?

Damon Salvatore or Ryan Atwood?Who's the better bad boy and why?

I'll start off with Damon Salvatore, he's a vampire with a drinking problem and I'm not just talking about alcohol. He gets people to do what he wants and when he wants and all the women seem to fall for him and his eyes. He's also super cocky with great hair.

Now let's talk about Ryan Atwood, he's been arrested and has been to jail. He likes to smoke cigarettes, wear leather jackets and punch people in the face. He's lost and misunderstood with a rough childhood. He's basically a lost puppy looking who needs a good girl to come in and fix him.

So after reading this who's the better bad boy and why?
Damon Salvatore

Ryan Atwood

  • Damon Salvatore
    67% (8)100% (5)76% (13)Vote
  • Ryan Atwood
    33% (4)0% (0)24% (4)Vote
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  • euh duh damon is fucking hot <3 <3
    the only reason I watched VD


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  • Ryan Atwood was one of my first TV crushes.

  • Ian is a gentleman <3