Can I get you brutally honest views about this?

Ladies and gentlemen please just say whatever your views are about this man.
Just be brutally honest but don't try to be mean unnecessarily.
Ladies would you be able to handle it even if he shaved /trimmed it because the area of hair growth and hairs thickness is quite a lot.

Can I get you brutally honest views about this ?


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  • This is too much hairy, it looks like a sloth beer. Usually no girl would like this much hair on whole body.

    • Oh okayyyy
      So , what if a girl ends up being married with this man, unfortunately?


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  • I think if he were to shave it down or trim it so I wasn't as much it would be better but if he's not comfortable with that he can always find a girl who likes guys with body hair

    • He needs to shave it all off that's what you fee?
      Shave everywhere?

    • Well I think he can leave some on the upper part of his chest and some on his legs but all over the stomach is too much

  • I would invest in hair laser removal.. at least some will stop growing eventually and you'll have less which will not make you look too overly hairy.

    Also, I'd hit the gym and start eating healthy to bulk up and be fit! Skinny people are not so attractive in my eyes...

    • Ahh okay
      Invest in gym and laser. Hmm
      Laser the legs and thighs?

    • I don't know.. I can't really see your legs or thighs... but the main part would be your upper half...

      Being and staying attractive is usually hard work! Even for the extremely good looking people.. following strict diets to look good and shaving here and there and buying expensive creams to keep hair and skin nice... etc.. etc.. and sure there are people who don't have to go through as much trouble as others to look appealing, but trust that the majority of better looking people put some effort into their appearance, and those who don't are just lazy and sit there and complain about how life is unfair because they have this and that and don't look as good as so and so...

      Anyone can look attractive if they put enough effort! So gym and laser is expensive but if it will make you feel better it's worth it! In the end it's not really how others see you, but rather how you see yourself..

  • Are you wearing a diaper?

    • No not at all
      Guys please stop insulimg my shorts :(

  • Thats an insane ammount of hair but if you love him and you try to move past it then it wouldn't be that bad

    • As a young woman can you accept this?
      And if yeah then expect some shave?

    • Honestly i couldnt deal with that much hair. But thats a phobia of mine i guess. If possible things worked out when they shave a lot of that off then i would possibly stay with them. But i would feel guilty for them having to shave all of their body everyday all because of my preferences

    • Shaving whole body everyday, that's not possible practically don't you feel so?
      Shaving everything everyday!
      No way
      Plus won't the stubbly pricky regrowth itch and prick your body?

  • I think its rather a bit too hairy for my liking.

    • Acceptable?
      Deal breaker?

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    • Yeah that's an issue

    • You could try that. I've never waxed anything at all. But I would imagine its rather painful but affective. And if you did that and wanted to keep a clean chest there is certain body wash that gets rid of hair and it last for half a month to a month depending on the person.

  • No comment. 😶

  • A trim and some new underwear and you're good

    • What type of underwear? What's wrong in this?
      Just a slight trim or waxing?

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    • Thongs?

    • Not for me

  • Aw :-( Not hairy enough! My sexy man has you beat!!!

    • How do you tolerate more hairiness on your man?

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    • @Asker There are people who like no body hair, a little amount of body hair, moderate amount of body hair, a lot of body hair or an excessive anount of body hair. You serm like you can not handle whrn a person has a different view than you.

    • What happened why mad at me?

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  • Where did you catch that yeti? I'm rather hairy as well and I would say at least trim it then when you get into a relationship ask her preference.

    • Ha-ha ok ok a Yeti lol that's funny.
      You are less hairy than this?

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    • How do you manage?
      How about the women around you?

    • Trim it bro But I usually wear clothes so they can't really see underneath lol.

  • I would think about trimming