Korean interest in/view of someone like a short white American girl~?

Korean interest in/view of someone like a short white American girl~?

Well I'm an American girl at 16 and I'm decent at coding, computer programing and all that. Also an artist and really wanna do concept art but that all depends. Anyways I heard about how great Korea is work-wise and that they're also one of the countries that treats their workers fairly well too.

I've been interested in studying there in the far future or possibly working and living there for a while.

I feel like I'll be fairly stable on other fronts like money-wise and I'm gonna assume it won't be too difficult for me to land a computer job- but my wonder is socially will I be, like accepted? I mean I'm already a very unaccepted person here in the us bc I'm quite nerdy heh,, but I mean I don't know how they view americans, or American women. I'm also curious about what shot I might have at a korean guy or girl (I'm pansexual ~)
I'm white and like i mean pale asf
Blue eyes brunette, im 4'8, around 100 lbs
I don't know what their body type preference is there but Im slim and apart from my hips butt and mostly my thighs (thicc ™) but got like b boobs lmao proportions

like not only would i maybe get a good job in a country im really interested in and love, but also mayb get a cute korean bab? Its just a far off dream but itd be awesome if I could live there a while~


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  • "I'm gonna assume it won't be too difficult for me to land a computer job"

    I think this is a pretty weird assumption to make unless you already have connections there or something, and obviously you would have to actually speak Korean you know. If you can't speak Korean then I'd say that it will be actually incredibly hard for you to find a job there.

    Also I feel like you're gonna be extremely disappointed. There are many people just like yourself who feel socially unaccepted and they hear stories about how great some other place is and they hope that maybe they would get accepted there, but unfortunately that doesn't turn out to be the case 9/10 times.

    The first thing you realize is that if you actually did this, you would be COMPLETELY alone. You'd have zero friends, no family there to support you nothing. So it would be completely your responsibility to be able to make contacts there, and I'm just gonna assume that you're a little bit shy from your post so that is going to be really hard, nearly impossible actually if you don't speak Korean. And the cultural differences are going to make you naturally even more unaccepted there, you might not know this but Korea is much more against homosexuality than America is, so you being "pansexual" would definitely not be accepted very well there.

    I have a cousin who pretty much did the same thing except with Germany, she stayed there for a month and then came back cause she felt really lonely and the trip wasn't what it imagined it would be. But on the other hand I also have a friend who went to Australia for half a year and she's planning to move there indefinitely in a few years, she liked it so much there. But she is very social and easily makes friends.

    So in short, if you're willing to learn the language and go out of your way to make friends and contacts then yes it is possible. But don't expect that you're gonna be naturally more accepted there, because it's actually going to be the opposite.


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  • You will be fine. From what I've seen, guys from those countries love skinny white girls. Take it from someone whose been there and heard the guys say it. You are considered exotic.

  • They will love you long time 😂

    You'll have no problems over there don't worry.

  • I think you will go far and many Korean guys will like you.

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    • North Korea I don't think Americans are socially accepted there. But South Korea, Americans are very much liked because of their assistance in the Korean War and many other things.

    • Yeea south korea was what i was thinking lmao.

  • so your asking... ?

  • You are good, don't worry.


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