What hair styles do 13-14 year old boys like on a girl?

ok so i am a 13 year old a blond with sumwhat long hair and were western shirts and skinny jeans what hair styls do guys like to see on a girl?

how do you have sex in a bathroom
do not tell me you dont have sex please just tell me how to have sex in a bathroom ps the bathroom has a bench


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  • You dont have sex in a bathroom. 1. 13 is way too young and I dont think you understand the very real risk of getting pregnant. 2. A bathroom is a really shitty place to have sex.
    Just please for the sake of everyone else dont have sex at 13, wait until you are 15 or something, it makes absolutely no dofference when you lose your virginity, but if you get pregnant at 13 you are fucked. Not to mention at that age boys are pretty retarded and dont really know how to use a condom properly. Its your responsibility, so dont be stupid about it.


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  • You should wear whatever hair style makes you happy!
    Wear what hair style makes you feel beautiful and you will find that guys will be attracted to you. Not because of your hair but because of how confident you are.
    As for hair, I wish I was blonde :/ I am always jealous of blonde beach wave hair. I feel like that would look amazing on you! :)


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  • I don't think that 13-14 year old boys care much for hair styles. I didn't.

  • Buzz cut.

  • I'm guessing it would be the ones they see in magazines.

    • "how do you have sex in a bathroom?"

      You don't, you wait until you graduate!!

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    • Well, you are asking how to have sex in a bathroom.
      I would guess when no one is around.

      If you can't figure that much, you're not that much of an adult. lol.

    • do not lol me jack ass i am not an idiot

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  • i think curly hair looks so nice