She pushes my hand away why when I try to reach up her leg

we've been dating for 6 mths, she is 27 I am 28. we have never kissed or touched anyone until recently. we were in the cinema and she enjoys kissing me and me feeling her boobs, I like rubbing her inner thighs and moving further up but after a short while she pushes away by hand when I try to reach in for her crotch area. This is done over her jeans however. why does she push away my hand?

how do I know if she likes it. I want to really turn her on, maybe she likes it a lot.. I don't want to stop doing it and deprive her from enjoyment
wow so many responses.. OK so she let me do the same in the car without problem. maybe cinema was too public. I asked, she said she liked it, so a lot of you guys were wrong. it is always best to ask the girl yourself if you are not sure.

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  • If it is best to ask the girl about the problem then why did you post on gag asking for advise?

  • honestly I would just talk to her about it.

    ask her what her fears are or what it is she wants.

    after 6 months of being with someone I don't feel like that is normal.

  • well if she pushes away your hand that's a clear sign that she doesn't like it.if you want to turn her on or make her feel good try doing something else

  • I disagree with the people saying that you sound like you want to rape her. You actually DO want her to feel good, which is nice of you, I guess. There's a plethora of reasons why she doesn't want you to venture down into her nether regions. Firstly, you're doing this all in a public place. I don't even like making out in a public place. I feel like it's not the classiest thing to do. Also, she may not be ready for that in general. Don't pressure her to do something she doesn't want to even if you're positive that you know what you're doing: either discuss when she wants to do more with you and wait or stop seeing her. If she is 27 and has been seeing you for 6 months, it may sound peculiar that she doesn't want to do any of these things. Perhaps she was sexually assaulted, raped, abused, slut-shamed, or told that women were supposed to stay "pure" and "not ruined" by religion, society, or someone of authority. This can all be settled if you communicate with her! Good luck.

  • she has a cock.

  • I do not believe you are 28, because you could not be that clueless at that your age not to know that when a woman pushes your hand away that means she doesn't want it.

  • Pick a better time, not in the movie theatre.

  • It's called boundaries. She might not want to have sex with you, so letting you touch her there would be counterproductive, except for the purpose of pleasure, which is intended to be refrained from in the first place. Ask her when she plans on having sex with you.

    • I meant ask if she is waiting for marriage.

  • she might have been on her period or it could of just been a case of she wasn't ready to go that far. either way you have no choice but to deal with it

  • ... she clearly just doesn't want you to go near her down there in a public area.. I wouldn't like that even in a club. its not that she's not into you, she prob just doesn't want to seem like a slut, id be the same

  • Where are you when you try that? Because if it's in public (even in a darkened theater or similar situations), then she's pushing you away because she's embarrassed and doesn't want to look like a slut.

    If it's in private, she is probably not ready or she thinks that the two of you are going too fast. Or she's shy.

  • She might be shy and have body issues . Honestly talk to her about it openly , it is OK to do that. She ll explain her self to you. Always remember communication

  • she has boundaries or she might be still a virgin...

  • Well if she is pushing your hand away I would assume that she doesn't like it.Also you need to learn to respect the boundaries she has maybe she just isn't ready for that yet.

  • Last time I checked, people push hands away when they disapprove of whatever the hand is doing...respect that.

  • not ready for that yet so you should stop

  • She's not ready for that yet.

  • Because she doesn't want you to or feels uncomfortable.

    Do it somewhere private. Ask her if she's OK with it as you do it. It shows you as considerate to her feelings, she's more likely to open up to you and if she says no you can find out the reason.

  • dont try anything in a movie theater. if you want to try something like that watch a movie at your place and try it

  • act decnt in gal wants to be xposed in public

    • i like slapping girls butt in public.

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    She's not that kind of girl. Yoou can only feel her up in public to a limited extent.

    All girls have their standards, you know, their rules for public and pubic behavior.

    • Best Answer! She has rules about public the car, it's private...

    • Thaks for the compliemtn rubyjean! I agree!

    • best answer. short, to the point, and not insulting

  • She wants you to stop. Maybe you have to make a point of not going that far. If she actually desires you, and her hangups aren't too severe, then by holding back a little will probably cause her to want it more, and eventually you can get past whatever the barrier is.

    That said, respecting boundaries is one thing, but it sounds like you've been dating someone for *six months* with the expectation of sex (quite reasonable), and it just hasn't happened. She's not being fair to you. If you aren't both consciously waiting for some future date, and she isn't ready, you need to understand that she's had way, way, way more time than most people need to get comfortable with another person, to say nothing of the 15 or so years she had before meeting you.

    Unfortunately, as a very late bloomer, I'm speaking from experience: having waited this long yourself, you have an uphill battle in front of you. It takes a while to get over the anxiety surrounding sex, and then you have to spend time getting good at it. On the surface it seems like someone who's going through the same things as you is a valuable find because you can get through it together. But it's also possible that throwing another person into the mix who, for one reason another, managed to make it to late adulthood without having sex, is going to further complicate everything.

    There are many women out there who will like you for you, and the good ones, when you tell them you are inexperienced, will say, "then let's fix that."

    • I misread the question. They seem sexually active. But if not, how am I wrong for saying 6 months is a long time to date without physical intimacy? If it works for a couple, then that's great, but it's longer than usual.

      I've been on her end of it; I've waited and shied away. It's grounds for dumping. Guys rarely get to say wait, because there's more in line who started early & are more confident.

      Still, I dream of living in a world where one could go at their own pace & not be judged.

    • ur a jerk... everything you said is bullsh*t... if you really love someone then you wait for sex... sex is a bonus in a relationship...

    • I disagree; I think it's unfair to withhold sex for that length of time. I am willing to bet that this is something they've talked about, given how long they've dated, but actions speak louder than words anyway. She has every right to wait but not to make another person wait. I was also trying to impress upon him that waiting brings its own problems. The personal shot was cheap and really had nothing to do with what I posted so I'm not sure what the point of it was.

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  • She simply wasn't comfortable being THAT sexual in public. Going for the crotch was crossing her boundary for that situation.

    At least know you learned something about her! :-D

  • Ask her.

  • 1. Congratulations on getting a girlfriend

    2. Why is your age different from your profile age range?

    3. So how did you guys meet? Any tips?

    • The world needs more people like you

      And no I'm not trying to be sarcastic