Guys what do you think?

ok so I have this question, what do you think about this kind of girls?

initially in the relationship they are arguing, complaining, selfish but seriously feels for you very strongly and is ready to do whatever that makes you happy.

after a few months she is mature, understanding, forgiving, loving, sensible.

because initially in my relationship I was very kiddish and used to throw tantrums because I never knew how to behave. and the major problem was that my boyfriend was controlling so I argued with him alot.

but after a few months I adapted to his life and his thinking and started behaving myself. now I am no more demanding, love him from the core of my heart, do whatever he asks for, do everything to keep him happy, I am no jealous creature, I don't complain or anything.

but he has been the same controlling and a bit abusive from beginning.

so guys what is exactly you want in a girl.

i have never slept around except my boyfriend, I am a very loyal person, I love to put in efforts to keep this relationship exciting even though he never puts in any efforts.

what else can I do to keep him happy?

infact now he is much more abusing, controlling since I am putting in more and more efforts to keep him happy. he says he loves me but he can't handle his temper. he makes me feel so guilty...

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  • You're giving your boyfriend way too much will power. It's nice and considerate of you as a girlfriend to want to make sure your boyfriend is content and happy. But what about your happiness. I think you're paying so much attention to what you're doing for him, that you're getting nothing in return. What is he doing for you? That's the question you have to ask yourself. He's obviously taking you for granted, knowing well enough that you've apparently have changed your ways and have become a "better" person. It's not about what a random guy on here feels he wants from a woman. It's about stopping and taking out some time to think about what you want for yourself. Ultimately you're going to be dating whomever you decide to date. Not us. The fact that he's being possessive and abusive, should already tell you, you deserve better. Period.

  • Reading you, I cannot prevent myself from thinking you have a slave mentality. Do you realize that ?

    So in a few clear words : you are in an abusive relationship. Leave him now, and don' t look back.

    • A healthy relationship is about compromising, that's true, but on both sides. If you give and he just takes, you're bound to have problems. You should seriously question your will to give up everything for him. It's not selfish to have ambition, as long as you do some compromises. But if you give up everything without receiving anything else than "orders", it's not good at all.

    • i don't know maybe you are right. but me I was way too different before this relationship I was friendly outgoing and ambitious. I had way too many dreams for which I was working hard to achieve. but I don't know after getting in this relation what happened I happened to feel guilty all the time, and I changed my ways so I don't look self fish and self centered but still the situation feels the same..