What A Wife Really Is To A Man

What a wife really is to a man:

1. His bestfriend

2. His shoulder to lean on

3. His personal assistant

4. His lover

5. His maid

6. His bitch

7. His whore

8. His every fantasy at times

9. The mother of his children

10. And also his play thing

Feel free to add any you feel fit the shoe.

What a wife really is to a man.


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What Guys Said 42

  • I was married for 22 years years, and she was my 'everything and anything'

    • Then what happened

    • Sadly, still loved each other but were no longer in love deciding to split to allow each other to find happiness with another

  • good thing this is just a "mytake" in this crazy world lol.

  • Take away 3, 5, 6, and 7. I will never think of the woman of my life, the mother of my kids, as a bitch or a whore.

  • I would not want any of that besides 1, 2, and 4.

  • Soo @MissNowhere is my wife then :o

    • 😂😂😂 I know, right? Everything matches, every single thing. :o I love being your whore the most. 💋

    • @MissNowhere my freaky little whore <3

  • I can agree on 1,2,4 and 9 but not the rest.

  • This chick gets it...

  • What is the husband to the women?

  • 1. Correct
    2. I don't lean I struggle till I collapse. You're a safe guard for the kids and someone to call an ambulance for me.
    3. No that's my secretaries job or Siri's
    4. Correct
    5. Nah. You live here I live here we both keep it clean
    6. Got a Great Dane for that
    7. You wish lol
    8. I wish :(
    9. Hopefully correct
    10. Sony's got that one covered
    So to my own list
    1. Person who sleeps in my house
    2. Person I talk to a bunch
    3. Person I have sex with
    4. Person who'd actually make me sad if they left
    5. Only person other than my parents or my children that can get me to do stuff for free repeatedly
    6. Person I'd never say any of this too in person

    That covers pretty much everything

  • What a husband really is to a woman:

    1. Her bank account

    2. Her body guard

    3. Her plumber, mechanic, electrician, handyman etc.

    4. The father of her children

    5. Someone who can pleasure her sexually

    6. Someone who is suppose to compliment her and give her gifts all the time

    7. Someone she can whine to

    8. Someone she can negg

    9. Her dog

    10. Someone who is suppose to give her his house, his wealth and his children if the woman wants to get a divorce and live with another man.

  • Marriage is a patriarchal arrangement used to acquire a sex-object, a baby making machine and a personal maid. Women have no voice, let alone a choice.

    Women should be seen and not heard. They must be covered from head to toe and speak in soft voices. They should never be allowed to make eye contact with anyone, ever. If the woman dares to leave the house without the permission of a man there WILL be hell to pay!!

    Women are identified by the person who owns them. First they are in the custody of their fathers, and so go by his name. Her new master (husband) can also change her first name if he wants. The more a woman has her own identity, the more trouble she will cause...

  • Where is my wife? I don't got one.

  • The person that if he cheats on he is a horrible husband but if she cheats on him. Everyone assumes it was his fault

    • That's purely being pessimistic
      A wife is a mans everything and much more :)

    • Well if she is his everything then why do men leave the wife to handle just about everything why they do what they please and don't care that the wife might want some attention or might like some free time baby free but oh no they act like its a crime when they get stuck with them

    • Lack of communication between what couples. Have you talked to your husband about this?

  • 😂😂 fantasies lol.., yeah that's why Ashley Madison and a prostitutes main client base are married men. No, a wife is not all that. She makes an excellent designated driver when you can't drive home from the pub, a pub where you met some guys and discussed the delusions of marriage that only hindsight can give you.

  • eh, 5 don't really apply to me.

  • Lol this take is hilarious! Well played.

    Of course women aren't going to like being told their My bitch, Whore, Maid, Play thing or what ever, who the fuck would? What makes it funny though is how many women like dirty talk during sex or foreplay that involves the use of terms like, are you my little whore/bitch/plaything.

    I probably shouldn't find this funny but all the outrage in the comments section kinda made it that way in my opinion.

    • Maybe not but isn't it true on many occasions why should she fuss about it if it makes him happy and he is not degrading her and he treats her well thats all that should matter right what most women for get is men like to be fucked they like to get head often they like things to be different every once in awhile so fix your self up but they also expect to have their supper cooked on time every night and clean clothing everyday and a clean house and someone to cut up with and have fun with when need hint bestfriend or tell their darkest secret to

    • yeah that's a good point, I agree.

  • Lol, Why are you you so angry take owner? You act like this dosen't work both ways?

    Wifes are there to give love and make babies and stuff.

    Husbands are there to provide for said wife and babies.

    Thats how humans have functioned since we were primates, and thats how we function today, Thats just life mate, Get use to it.

    Oh, And number 4, Number 5, Number 6 and Number 7 are all exactly the same thing, You just felt the need to word them differently to make it seem like men were worse,

    Do you feel better after letting all that hate out? Yeah? Good...

  • No no, I keep my bitches and my hoes as far away from my wife as possible!

    You don't marry bitches and hoes!

  • Why is she holding cake in her bare hands?

  • I got so turned on reading this take.

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What Girls Said 20

  • His whore, his bitch, his personal assistance? Whaaaaat?

    I don't want to be anyone's wife then.

  • 3, 5, 6, 7 and 10 ummmm no.

    A wife - and a husband - ought to be a life partner. End point. A life partner is your best friend, teammate, financial partner, co-parent (if you have kids) and lover. No one in such a partnership is anyone's bitch or maid or plaything.

  • Oh for god's sake. I am no man's maid, bitch or whore. How derogatory! I don't want children so not all women are simply just a mother. Play thing? What the hell? We're not toys for the man's amusement. This is terrible. Please don't write another take.

    • Am I the only one that agrees with you?

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    • @theguywiththis and the account goes inactive 😂

      $20 he came back to check this post with his real account

    • @theguywiththis Who said I was getting married? lmfao

  • "1 Best friend" I can I agree with that or at least they should be.
    "2 his shoulder to lean on" I can agree with that but that should be a two way street not a one way.
    "4 his lover" That's true but that should also be a two way street.

    You kind of lost me with everything else. I suppose at times you could feel like the personal assistant but it probably shouldn't feel that way and you should both help each other out in that aspect.

    I suppose you could feel like the maid but you shouldn't be the maid. You should both do things to help out around the house.

    Yes, if two people want children they would be the mother of that man's children. However, the way it's phrased sounds more like a marital obligation than a two person choice of what they both wanted.

    The rest, just makes the woman sound like a prostitute and not a wife who has a say in what's done to her and her body, which is totally twisted. And, if anyone has marriage like that I suggest you call Dr. Phil ASAP because he'll the woman "that's messed up". No woman (or man) should be somebodies whore, bitch, his (or her) every fantasy at times and his play thing. That is not a healthy marriage. I know, I don't know the creepy behind the close door part of my parents marriage and I'd really like to keep it that way but my mom would NEVER put up with that and my dad would NEVER treat my mom like that, it just wouldn't happen.

    So, if all that is a standard for marriage I'm staying single because I've been treated crappy by enough people in my life and if anybody things I'm going to let someone who's suppose to love me, treat me like I'm nothing and make me that horrible feeling of being worthless (like many people in my life have), it just freaking ain't going to happen.

    • Don't call doctor phil, call some-one whos legitimately qualified. Like a real psychologist

    • @Waffles731 It doesn't matter who you call, just as long as the call someone to help you out and tell you how messed up that situation is.

  • Wow I never want to get married to some punk ass who views me as some "play thing" or as his personal maid/whore/bitch. That's some objectifying bullshit.

  • his manager

  • Baginza! 😀

  • ". His bitch! His whore"

    Umm noo. Lol

  • Your husband views you as his bitch/maid/whore? Did he buy you from the corner store? Real men want a REAL confident woman not a slave... h0e

  • All those... only if he is loyal for all his life to ME or else I can be that to other men ^^

  • Excuse me while I go vomit.

  • His bitch? His whore? @_@

    • His play thing? If I'm ever to marry I'll be seen as an object by my husband? The f? 😨😕... Okay I think the single life is for me then

  • If my husband were to call me his bitch or whore I'd leave his ass. I'm NOT a sex toy, no woman is. I want love and respect. I won't go around calling him my sex toy or man whore. If men truly think this way then fuck, we women are doomed.

    • Good, you should leave him if he ever does that, Marriage is supposed to be a partnership. Like buddy cop movies where they feel intense agape towards eachother. So really just like a buddy cop film half the time.

  • Your husband views you as his bitch/maid/whore. Did he by any chance bring those up in your wedding vows?

  • Everything was more or less okay until number five... and 9.

  • Are you even married? Just wondering

  • 11. His sperm dumpster

  • And people say there's not sexism in today's society...

    • So by your logic, if a couple of guys abuse animals in the us, all americans are abusers of animals, cmon now.

    • @livefreeordiehard she didn't say all men are sexist, she just said that sexism exists in society.

      Animal abuse exists in society as well, even if not all or even most people abuse animals.

  • Is that Helen Flanagan in that picture?

    • Not sure just a pic I found online

    • Oh okay aha :')