7 Reasons Why Men Should Never Get Married

These are reason for why men should not get married.

7 Reasons why men should not get married

1. Marriage Benefits men in no way in the grand scheme of things

Sure you get a few tax benefits from being a married couple but in the grand scheme of things being married does not grant a man anymore benefits than it does if he were in a long term relationship with a woman. The only thing marriage does is basically make a man play a game of trust that the woman he is with does not screw him over.

There is nothing a married couple does that a man in a long term relationship cannot do with a woman he loves. Just enjoy life.


Many men are forced into marriage because their long term girlfriend is approaching her late 20's or is in her 30's and want her man to show that they can really commit. This is really funny to me because apparently to women being with them for several years is not sufficient evidence of commitment.

It seem women are very insecure with their standings in life and always needs some threat over a man's head, or snare if he ever decides to leave her. So marriage isn't really about showing you can commit to women but them having a safe guard put in place that will make you less incline to leave them.

3. Marriage basically lets women control you

With the current court system set up to reward women with money and benefits no matter what the reason, many women know that wants you put that ring on them they have you. You are now their bitch.

You can see the same effect of this when a woman believes you have no other options but her.She tends to take you for granted and become bitchy. When you get married, women know that they can divorce for any trivial reason (irreconcilable differences) and then be rewarded with cash prize. This is why men who were the dominant one in the relationship become passive and meek. They now ask their wives for permission, and always try to make their wives happy.


Women are experts at putting on mask based on what they want you to believe of them. You could live with a woman for many years and she puts up a surface personality of a perfect girlfriend in your presence but the moment you put a ring on her she turns into a compete nightmare and begins becoming more controlling, nagging, and unpleasant to be around. Several married men experience just this and would rather work overtime or go out and do the most boring things with their friends than come home to the misses.

Also people are still growing in life. You may be compatible with this person now but what about a couple years down the line when you want different things in life (she wants a baby but your not ready) and this creates tension and constant fighting.What if you fall out of love ? What if you fall for someone else ?

By being entrapped in marriage you basically lock yourself into a trap and the only way out is by passing through the mind field known as divorce which leaves you battered and bruised as a man.


This goes back to a woman not having any threat of you leaving her. It's quite common that once a woman believes their is no threat of you leaving her she tends to become complacent and does not feel she needs to be intimate with you. This is a common issue among men who get little female attention and basically latch onto the first woman that shows interest.

It's a common occurrence with married couples that as the marriage progresses the wild, passionate sex dries up and becomes less and less. In fact many married couples report only having sex once per year. Now this is not only a combination of women feeling they no longer need to use sex to keep you around but could also from both partners not keeping up their appearance and people getting bored of having sex with the same person.

5. If you find someone who is more compatible with you later in life you are kind of screwed

You got married and later down in life you meet a woman who you can enjoy spending more time with than your wife, connect better with and who has all the qualities you've been looking for in a woman that your wife doesn't have. Well you are kind of screwed at this point aren't you.

Remember people are always changing and what is a perfect match for you now may not be 10 years down the line. So now you have to basically let go of being with this woman because if you decide to cheat on your wife it might blow up in your face and give her the needed incentive to divorce your ass.


It's no surprise that weddings cost money just so your future wife can be the center of attention and live out her fantasy she had as a little girl.

The average wedding cost about 29k and you could of easily used that money to buy yourself cool shit and/or take your girlfriend on an awesome romantic vacation that would last longer and be more memorable when you guys look back. Also weddings in now way strengthen relationships. How often do we see celebs have lavish weddings only to divorce a couple months/years later.

7. Marriage can result in financial problems

In some states, laws require those in a marriage to be responsible for their spouse’s debt, and for the elderly, that could mean a variety of expensive medical bills.

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What Girls Said 54

  • Omg I just want to say stop blaming marriage itself blame the people in it. Sure there no benefits in marriage if you think so but some people want to to express their love that way if you don't fine. But don't sit here and rant about it when one. you probably not marry 2. just because you see couples fall apart doesn't mean there no couples that are lasting and 3. it takes two to tango and if the marriage fails you have to see both sides and see what cause it to end.

    • 2mo

      The predicted divorce rate based on past 50/50 rates for 2014 is 64%, The birth rates among western women are now 59 out of every 1000. Also failure to pay child support disappears when parental custody rises to 50/50 yet NOTHING has been done to achieve this goal. Alison saunders (a feminist) and head of the CPS (crown prosecution service) in the UK now considers all men guilty of rape until proven innocent and most of their administrative team are made up of women. Men in the media are almost universally seen as either bastards or idiots, yet they make up the majority of homeless, suicides, workplace deaths and homicides - our violence policy across the west is called "violence against women and girls (VAWAG) - there is NO program for men. Women now also cheat twice as much as men (2012 undercoverlovers study) and their suicide rate during divorce is 10 TIMES higher than women's.

      This is no longer a 'look at both sides' argument - it is clear and willful misandry.

  • oh wow

    ... its very encouraging to see how "some people" perceive marriage and everything about it


  • Yep marriage is stupid and pointless. Since it doesn't have that many legal benefits then there truly isn't a good enough reason to do it. Getting married to prove your commitment is a very shallow, dumb ass reason.

    • I agree to this but I don't agree with trying to influence people about this... marriage is a personal choice and the definition we got about marriage doesn't have to be the same for everyone

    • @Heera I never said for people to do what I said, they can do what ever makes them happy. If they think marriage will make them happy then they can have at it.

    • Indeed, you didn't, I just wanted to point out that not seeing marriage as a wonderful thing is okay while this myTake is just pathetic. I wish people would understand other points of views as well, like you seem to do, instead of trying to force their views on others

  • Yup, yup, yup...
    It seems to me like you have no idea what a healthy marriage looks like.

    • A healthy marriage is only possible between gay people.

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    • I suggest you look up suicide rates for divorced and divorcing men & say that cr*p to them

      ... while their feet rotate slowly clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise, counterclockwise...
      ... or their brains dry slowly on the wall where the shotgun blast blew them

    • "let me play russian roulette... if I win no problem

      if I lose... I just had no idea what healthy russian roulette looks like"

  • I think this should be renamed why everyone should reconsider marriage. But I have heard it's still mostly men who lose in divorce so I can see why you wrote it this way. I agree. Everyone should research the consequences of marriage and divorce before doing them.

    But marriage has always been about money lol it's not an evil plot! The number 1 reason people have always gotten and stayed married has been finances, since marriage first began. That was actually why marriage began, to combine each families assets. And now people generally stay married to avoid the severe consequences and debt load from divorce or they can't afford to divorce. But that means they're trapped together until they die... so it can be a shame. Good post!

    • 3mo

      That is a very big misconception darling. Marriage was first and foremost about the community.

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    • 3mo

      You are thinking 1800 and 1900, but I am thinking way back. Lets think tribes before men started claiming earth as his own.

    • 3mo

      @davisgirl89 Oh, I thought you meant modern society.

  • What a ridiculous take with no factual basis. I take it that some girl scarred and burned you early in life and you never recovered from it. It's too hard to even consider taking anything you said seriously. A complete waste of forum space.

    • Lol yes, this dude is going to need serious therapy down the road when he becomes a middle-aged man who can't get a date because he has commitment issues.

    • @MandyRuth why the FUCK would you neet to date when you can have sex so easily these days. Sex is sex.

    • @MandyRuth So, back when abortion was illegal and the contraceptive pill didn't exist, and virtually all women refused to have pre-marital, or at least pre-engagement, sex, those women had commitment issues, did they? Did they need therapy for refusing to sacrifice themselves?

  • My parents have been happily married for 31 years. If any of the above applies to you, you've married the wrong person.

    • I am in my late 40's now. I agree with the OP.

      I am happily single. I watched notice others on their third marriage.

      I noticed when I dress like I am rich, I pique their interests. I believe women are looking for a meal ticket.

      Ok, there are exceptions but the divorce rate is high.

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    • There's no right person to allow to put a gun to my head.

    • @evenlift yeah I have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Yep.
    Every woman on the face of the earth wants to steal your money, use and abuse you.
    We're just evil beings with no souls.
    We don't want love and affection at all, or to give it back to the person that we love.
    All we want to do is take, take, take.
    Evil, evil woman. We just all hate men, huh?
    (Totally not sarcastic at all.)

    • A woman is like a million dollar pet that is not as loyal as my cats that I love.

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    • yep... let's see if you ever marry a guy making less than you...

      "where are all the good men" ...
      ask all the women to whom all men whose height & income are less than 6 feet & $100k are INVISIBLE

    • @SamSmithe you haven't met a lot of women then because we are not all like that. 🙄

  • For 9, how about not settling down until you've found someone you're very compatible with, and not rush into a marriage and make sure you're truly compatible with each other?

  • My parents have been happily married for 25 years!!! All 4 of my older brothers are married to amazing women. This mytake is bullshit. You are just a frustrated man who is upset with women. Marriage is a beautiful sacred union between two people.

  • Some of Today's Toms have a Problem down the Path of "D" Day Destruction in Committing to just one woman. Only have eyes on Their "One only Love," and that is what is Between their legs.
    They are Not Ready nor Raring to be in a Real Relationship, No matter if they Would marry the Queen herself, It makes no Difference... Happy Go Lucky Habits are Hard to Break.
    Good luck and Great question @BubbleBoy69 xx

    • *Sorry, @BubbleBoy, I meant to Say "My Take," my mistake... I seem t be pressing the wrong button lately. lolxx

  • 3mo

    Well I can tell someone is bitter... Lol. Here's the thing, marriage is not suppose to be a consumer and service relationship. Its not suppose to be a "what can I get out of this" type of relationship. With a consumer and service mentality of course a marriage will fail. A marriage like that is built on changing principles and things the world says should make us happy. Which I do admit it they make us happy for a little while. Marriage should be about, commitment, connection, faith, and pleasing our spouse.
    No you should never need a piece of paper to prove your commitment, but the undertone of that should never be because you want to keep your options open like the guy in this post was insinuating. If you know that this is the person you want to be with get marriage, not because of the paper, but because of the vows and promises you will make to each other. If you do not want to make those types of vows and promises be upfront about it. Be man or woman enough to say as much.
    Next, by connection I don't mean a emotional connection (Though a good bit of affection should be in the introduction and foundation of any relationship)- emotions change to frequently to build a solid foundation on. When I say connection I am referring to goals and life missions. If one person want children and the other doesn't there is not going to be a good connection. You just don't have the same life goals. Make a list of goals in life, add characteristic and personal values that are non negotiable. Build from there. Pretty soon you will have a understanding of the type of person you are looking for.
    Now I consider myself a Christian who will be marring a Muslim man. Our faiths are different but that doesn't mean we respect each other less. He is an amazing man. Someone I know would be a great father to my children. But at the same time I know faith plays a big part in people values and moral understanding. It dictates what we will and will not be trying to teach our children. And to agree on that and have it as a foundation of marriage would only help.
    Finaly, lets take the me, myself, and I out of marriage. It should be "what can I do to make my husband happy?" "what can I do to make my wife day brighter?" not "my spouse should make me feel better" if it's telling him what a great job he did mowing the lawn or loading the dishwasher makes him happy do it. If it's helping out with the kids so she can go out say yes honey. Work on pleasing each other. Not yourself.

  • Marriage is not one of my goals, it's pretty pointless in my opinion, honestly. But you just seem frustrated and bitter, like women always make evil plans to run away with their future husbands money in the end. Just let people do what they want, your article is just a bitter generalization of women. Yes there are some points I agree with but advice from bitter people shouldn't be taken seriously

    • You realize calling guys bitter or misogynistic is geting old, right?

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    • Sure hun. Whatever helps you keep moral superiority in your head.

    • moral superiority? nah, you're the only one who thinks is superior here but okay

  • Maybe ur just gay?

  • Dude, sometimes it's the men controlling the women. And oh well if you can't have sex that much coz you have kids, kids are a gift!

  • So all women should be lesbians? What about us?

  • I'm happy I'm not American. What's this ways of thinking really *rolls eyes*

  • Men carefully pick out a ring get on their knees and beg a woman to marry them then turn around when their wives don't cater to them like they are a sick child and then men throw tantrums like "THAT FUCKING BITCH TRICKED ME!! SHE WON'T WAIT ON ME LIKE A SLAVE AND FUCK ME AT THE DROP OF A HAT AHHHHHH!!!"

    • Well, yes, if you act like a slave, don't be surprised if you get treated like one. Men need to learn self-respect. Men vis-a-vis women are now like black people vis-a-vis white people in the United States before the civil rights movement.

  • Actually marriage was benefit MEN in a lot of ways as it benefits women.
    Marriage was created so that men who otherwise would have no chance could find a partner.
    If it weren't for marriage most men would not get laid, only the "alpha" men would impregnate most of the women. There would be no women left for most the other men. Which is why men tend to be more possessive of their woman and women aren't. Marriage controls the birth rates as well so there wouldn't be millions of 'bastard","fatherless" children walking around, since one man can impregnate hundreds of women while women cannot do that with men.

    • Firstly, most men do have sex before marriage.

      Secondly, now that the law recognizes the concept of 'marital rape', 'get married for sex' is no longer a valid argument.

  • I'm glad not all guys think like this 😲

    • yeah, those who don't know current information and are not making an informed decision (IDIOTS)

      OR those who will either risk anything to get laid...

      go get yourself one of those two types - you probably deserve it.

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What Guys Said 62

  • it's a very negative way of looking at marriage, I prefer to look at it from the positive side

    Just a few things:
    when you get a child together in marriage the man is automatically the legal father and when the woman dies it is also better to be married

    This goes back to a woman not having any threat of you leaving her. It's quite common that once a woman believes their is no threat of you leaving her she tends to become complacent and does not feel she needs to be intimate with you. This is a common issue among men who get little female attention and basically latch onto the first woman that shows interest."

    • *BOOM!* Evidence!

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    • @somebodysaycheese Not really considering they are the foremost researchers into human sexuality and actually essentially disproved freud

    • The thing its 2016 not the 50's. The fact that people take something so serious based on something close to zero science is weird. Science has evolved , when neuroscience backs kinsey ill take it serious.

  • One of my mates is getting divorced rn. It's beyond-words heart wrenching... It's just so ugly. Like I am pretty sure I want to get married, but some days it's like well shit lol

    • innit an don't forget 80% of divorce is initiated by women. How can you trust female hypergamy? lol

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    • @SamSmithe You see this is the problem that men face in this world. Is that men are slaves to sex and women, feminism use sex as a tool to manipulate men with by getting us to commit so they can get access to our resources. The truth is that men dont need women... women need us though for tons of things, a man just needs sex. The rest of it is just a want like love, bonding and shit which i don't care about anyways.

  • aside from the perils of potential divorce all the issues mentioned could be applied to both the male and female.

    i don't take issue with much of the post aside from the fact that most could be applied to both sexes.
    while a wedding may cost a good amount of money. there are very tangible savings you get almost immediately that can only be achieved through marriage (potential tax breaks, child credits, day care credits etc). for example i've been married about a 1.5 years. we had our first child and got $4500 back in taxes. money that a couple can't get without being married but generally only the woman will get if the child is born to an unmarried couple... so if you figure just two years of child credit returns and i will more than re-coup what i spent on our wedding

  • There's really no reason to marry anymore, you can live the same life with your girl without getting married, so unless you're religious, there's really no reason to marry.

    I don't agree when you put all women in the same box, a negative one. Yes, you never really know if the women you're marrying is gonna turn out to be a bitch, but the chances of that happening aren't too high, though you gotta still consider the possibility.

    Life is full of mistakes, and sometimes there's some mistakes you really want to avoid. Marriage can be amazing with the perfect woman, but a relationship without marriage can also be amazing.
    A breakup is awful, but a divorce is even worse.

    When you put the positives and the negatives together, both marriage and no marriage have the same positives, but marriage has worse negatives.

    I still don't say no to marriage, but given it's pointless, maybe I never get married, though I do want one woman to spend the rest of my life with, just like being married, but without the contract.

    • "I don't agree when you put all women in the same box, a negative one. Yes, you never really know if the women you're marrying is gonna turn out to be a bitch, but the chances of that happening aren't too high, though you gotta still consider the possibility."

      Actually i've heard from married guys that once they put a ring on their girlfriend something change in them. It was like a switch that went off.

      Aldo all humans if given some form of power to control will abuse it even if they love you. Human nature. The fact 70% of divorces are initiated by women and divorce rate is over 60% shows this.

  • 3mo

    Only 7 and you still had to use "Let's women control you" ?

    What are you, a man or a mouse?

    No woman controls you unless you let her. God damn...

  • so fucking true.. best take on the site

  • This is a stupid myTake

  • Isn't 6 and 7 the same point? Lol.

  • Just 7 reasons?

    There's a book out there that have over 100 Reasons on the same subject and topic:


  • I knew many of the women on here were going to go in on you. Im watching a whole bunch of them go "My parents this and my parents that"... hahaha... morons. The Take is about YOU... I love how many women always tend to be like "i don't know what you are talking about, im not like that"... you can't judge yourself or your actions, of course you will always judge in favor of yourself. Jeebus.
    Women like to get defensive when you call em out on their bullshit... ok, agreed that you @BubbleBoy69 do come off slightly bitter but i don't blame you, you've probably had to go through a Slew of women who act like this.
    This might not apply to every frickin marriage on the planet but it does ring with a lot of truth for most. Marriage doesn't benefit men, it screws us and women generally tend to pretend until that ring hits the finger then the monster comes out. Of course women will get defensive quick over this because why? they KNOW they DO it, intentionally or not. lets not even intimacy which goes down after marriage (she already got what she wanted, she has lived out her fantasy)
    I especially like this line "... being with them for several years is not sufficient evidence of commitment." Knock on wood.

    This is a very true myTake, at least from a guy perspective. thing is, I've already made plans for my marriage so the above doesn't happen... i have strategies and contingencies in place should my future wife try that nonsense. the only only thing i don't have a plan for... is the possibility of meeting a more compatible person in the future. Thats gonna be a bitch.. and it does happen, all men can attest to it. You could be single and no girl is interested in you, but the moment you get a girlfriend, all of a sudden the girls come out of the woodwork. its some bull.

    • 3mo

      Safely to say, you are planning for a doomed marriage. Why bother? Why not stay single and hit the bars or some dating sites and find random females? Why waste her time and energy when you are not really all the way committed? You should let her go so she can find someone who will enjoy her life with. Not someone who is just waiting for her to mess up. Marriage is hard enough without the add bagged you are now bringing into it.

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    • 3mo

      @davisgirl89 ... should ask me the last time i cried lol... dry tear glands... i cry a different way.
      You say i sound resentful... you are not the first to say that, don't think you will be the last but here is the thing, i am in NO WAY resentful towards women, i respect them in all capacities until they do something either unwomanly or try to encroach on me being a man. I do NOT change my attitude, nor sugarcoat, not soften, etc anything for women. After all, women wanted equality and I treat them like i would treat my fellow guys. some women do that, but those that are like women, automatically trigger the male instinct (can't fight that).
      but please do not think I am resentful...(well, not in general but to a couple lol)...

    • 3mo

      Lmao yes sir. Well I am glad and wish you the best of luck.

      And just because I am curious, how do you cry if not through tears?

  • I never had a girlfriend in my entire life. Maybe I'm not missing out, I don't know...

  • A man is incomplete without a Woman, and in the same way a Woman is incomplete without a Man. If anything is not right after marriage that means you are married to a wrong person.

  • the fact that lawyer specialize in coaching women to divorce their husbands is more than reason enough not to marry.

  • Fucking good mytake, Please for GOD sake send this mytake to president Obama so that he can read it and learn something.

  • This is all true... if you pick the wrong woman.

  • Spoken like a true 23 year old.

  • can't go through life that pessimistic. Negative views attract negative experiences. Not all women are shallow nutters with agendas beyond happiness. If you can't spot a weirdo despite probably living with her for years before you marry then you deserve everything coming to you. Me personally, if a woman spends too much time in the mirror, cares too much about her appearance and spends all her money on fashion then thats a big red flag for me. Materialistic people just rub me up the wrong way. I hate them. Theyre usually boring, vain, arrogant and about as grounded as nasa satellites. I could spot a woman like that a mile away. My pal married his long term girlfriend after over 20 years together and 4 sons. They met at about 13 or something and theyre still happy and in love to this day. she's a great woman though. So humble and down to earth and a great laugh. Always up for a bit of banter. Too bad they ain't all like that eh?

  • I completely agree with everything youve said. The thing is the female responss should tell you a lot about female nature. You see women enjoy when they can control men. Examples of this is expensive weddings just for her big day but what exactly do women give back at that stage. Its nothing except that snarky remark they make saying 'i am the gift'.
    If a woman can't control a man she insults him in order to prevent any quality man from realising the truth. If a woman doesn't want marriage and just normal relationships she wouldn't be insulted be tons of males because we truly don't care. Once a man does this it attacks a Woman's only self worth that she believes she has which is her beauty. To her if she can't entice him with her And and pussy she's ununeeded. To anyone saying they don't believe this just observe females interacting the first Thing they say is 'Your so pretty' or something superficial.

    When a woman just insults you for those reasons your inherently winning because she's feeling insecure. Anyway there's 0 benefits of marriage for a man. Everything is the same but there's a net loss of freedom and money. A lot of women will say misogyny but don't realise its because tons of women are like this.
    That is why it's important for men to marry only of they have nothing to lose such as if you earn the same and so on. But when I see rich motherfucker's like depp marrying amber it's completely unnecessary. Just bang and leave.

    • Phil Collin's is a perfect example of men not getting married.

      Divorce 3 times.
      Last ex wife takes his 2 sons and goes to miami
      Phil get screwed over and loses a lot of money and can't see his sons. He gets a broken hip and the wife does not give a fuck about him or even contact him.
      Ex-wife gets some medical problems down in miami. Phil rushes to her and helps nurse her back to help.
      Wife claims that Phil was the guy she truly "loved" and wanted to be with
      Phil decides to remarry his ex-wife who divorced him and took his 2 sons away from him.


  • What a take.
    its all true somehow
    lucky for us we can marry more than once..
    we can even marry 4 women in the same time :D

    • I'm Turkish, I admire your that tradition how Sigmund Freud admired. We lost our that right by civil rules about marriage. Now, all young Turkish women think they are unique snowflakes and they are too spoiled. But, naturally a man can please and reproduce with 4 women at the same marriage.

    • @Dornishguy come to egypt my friend :D

    • I study civil eng. I hope Libya and Tunisia will be more stable and I can go to work in theres)

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