A Lighter Side Of Pakistan By Sanaa Khan Photography

“A photograph is usually looked at- seldom looked into.” ― Ansel Adams. Today we are covering such an artist who's photographs are not to be looked at but deserve to be looked into. Sanaa Aziz Khan is not only good behind the lens but she has an exceptional gift of befriending every one.

A Lighter Side Of Pakistan By Sanaa Khan | Photography

Being a Capricorn, Sanaa is a perfectionist and thus her shots are a marvel, she picked up the camera after a few workshops clicking was a hobby from the start but then she started taking it seriously learning the necessary from the teachers and friends. She feels that she has entered a candy store when she gets to click some enthusiastic clients who would love to be clicked, no matter if its a cooperate client or a couple on their wedding day. Her biggest regret is that she couldn't start clicking early in life so that her Late Father could have seen her work.

When asked what she feels is the future of the industry with all these weekend warriors fighting for there right to the industry her answer was quite interesting, she believes that in the near future there will be a photographer in every 5 households at which we asked if she would want to advice them and with a smile she said offcourse
"BRING IT ON GUYS! Keep clicking; everything around you is worth capturing. Challenge yourself so that you know how to make the best use of limitations. Lastly, as I’ve seen many new photographers complaining about their cameras and lenses, If any of you is reading this, I know equipment does matter but the creativity is in your brain, not the equipment you’re holding"


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  • I had a very good pakistani friend... and i love pakistani women... y'all are just amazing and amazingly beautiful... but its not the beauty that gets me.. its the dedication. thanks for the Take.
    @fiego i like the little tattoo she has on her hand, i forgot what its called... starts with an "H"... henna? i think? my ex used to do it... and her friends.

    • yes you are right, its called henna. Its basically a herb that men and women apply on their hands, back in the days it was used by nomads for its properties as a natural dye as hair color but now its mostly used by men and women as non permanent ink for tattoos.

    • it was beautiful... for a while.. but at some point i wanted my gf back lol

  • Liked the second pic very much.

  • @dakraziest Thanks for sharing, the second picture is really cool.

  • I think the right title would have been "brighter" rather than "lighter" side. Nevertheless, refreshing and nostalgic indeed.