For Single people, Are you waiting for marriage?

Not as in losing your virginity, but more as having a family and a spouse.

Do you see yourself finding your other half?
Getting engage?
Marriage, honeymoon, and living together?
Do you see yourself as being parent?
Having your our new born baby?
Do you think you'll be a good parent?

Do you think you're ready? Or
Do you not want that?

Tell. Tell.

For married people, what's it like?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Other half? Not likely.
    Engaged? No way.
    Marriage and honeymoon? No
    Living together? Low possibility.
    Parent? No. Considering a vasectomy.
    I would be a good parent but the economy doesn't allow that.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm currently single, but I didn't wait for marriage... I don't rate virginity immensely highly. Yes I respect myself and anyone I date, but i'm not placing unrealistic expectations on it and I don't see sex as something I NEED, because it's not. I want to get married and have kids, although i'm not religious whatsoever I feel that marriage is traditional and legally it makes many things a lot clearer. Plus it does basically just boil down to a celebration and people will recognise you as a proper couple. I've been ready since I was 8 to meet the right person for me, which I still haven't... but I remain hopeful.

  • wow, I have never dated, so I don't think I'm anywhere close to these things. I am not waiting for marriage, just never really had the opportunity to be in that zone of love or being with someone or whatever you want to call it. people make me uncomfortable.


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