Deal or No Deal: What would you need for you to get married?

Deal or No Deal: What would you need for you to get married?

Can you tell I'm watching Shark Tank?


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  • A veil and a ring. That is it.

    • That's too bad. Because it takes so much more to make a lifelong commitment to another human being. It takes a deep personal connection (Which includes total abstinence. Yes even making out.) with someone else, founded on year (s) of dating, and intense personal scrutiny, maturing, and devotion before you get married. Why is divorce so high- because nobody considers it to be sacred anymore. It's just a piece of paper, bonding two immature people together these days.

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    • LOL it is a joke gentlemen.
      Of course it is not like that. Marrying someone is a quite a thing i guess. I am not buying an apple from bazaar; i am marrying. I am quite aware.

    • Hahaha no way! Thank you :)


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  • I would need a woman who has been through the soul twisting pain I have been through, so that she can understand me better. Otherwise, I fear she may not survive being my mate. There is only one woman out there for me- just one- and when I find her there will be no going back for me. She will be my best friend and lover, the woman I long to come home to, to do sweet things for her, to tell her I love her in word and deed. To hold her in my arms, to cherish her above any earthly thing- because she is my everything in this empty, shit world.

    Anything less is insufficient and incompatible with my needs.

  • Oh, if I really loved a girl and she was that great, it wouldn't be THAT hard to persuade me to go visit a priest/pastor with her and exchange vows.

    Now, sign tons of paperwork, lose the equal footing one has in a relationship, and bring the state into it like a perverted threesome? Her pussy better leak liquid silver every month instead of blood.

    • I wonder if the vows themselves are legally binding. Scary.

    • Nope. As long as the State does not recognize common law marriage--and most states don't. If there was not documentation or a marriage license, paperwork--as far as the State's concerned, it's the binding as saying "I love you and I'll never leave you."

  • A woman that's loyal, sexual, and low maintenance minded.

    • How about a woman who loves you for the man you are?

      In turn you must open yourself up to her, consider her in all that you do- know, and understand that your world now revolves around her. Which will not change so long as you are married. (Which ideally will be for life.)

      A woman like you are describing needs to be loved, to be treated with respect and devotion- these things cannot change after you are married, not one year, not ten years, not fifty years later. That is the biggest mistake men make- getting "Used to" their wives and devaluing them, thinking in their hearts, "She will always be there." while treating her like you NEVER would while dating. (essentially neglecting her later on, sometimes calling her babe, or honey, and calling it good.)

      All too often we want to get married, then move on with life. It's not that simple. Every woman requires maintenance.

    • A woman who loves me for the man I am would be those things that's why.

  • Im married to the game home boy, id hit that damn deal button as soon as like 75,000 popped up

  • Life is simple: JOB

  • I would never get married, not even to the most beautiful and nicest woman in the world.