Wanted the wife and kids at one time, but now can't stand the thought of it...

Ok so for as long as I could remember, I've always wanted to be in a committed relationship that would one day turn into marriage and then a family. I'd say a couple of months ago I honestly woke up and realized I don't want any of it. I used to love the thought of being a young father and now I can't really stand kids.

I guess my question is, what happened to me? How did I go from wanting it all to not wanting any of it in what seems like days? By the way I'm not in a relationship with kids, so I'm not walking out on anyone...


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  • You have what alcoholics call "a moment of clarity." (thanks pulpfiction).

    I have a friend who preaches that she never wants kids, she so stubbornly dead set on not having them but refuses to get her tubes tied...

    Are you saying you don't want them now or ever? I'm thinking maybe you just ran into a different point in your life where the idea of being tied down does not seem appealing. Maybe you feel as though you need to go out and experience more and this is why you are rejecting marriage and parenthood.

    "I can't really stand kids. " There's a line from "scubs" and he says something like: "Kids, they poop, cry, whine and are ungrateful but until you have your own, you don't know what it's like to be a father."

    Something like that, I personally aren't all that fond of kids and would actually choose to save my pet fish and dog over most of the ones I've encountered but that's because those are my babies. I think once you've gotten your own, it's a different ball game.


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  • maybe you had an idea of what that life was like and it was recently shattered. maybe you thought they would complete you but now feel complete in yourself. maybe that-guy is right and you are just at a point in your life where its not right for you. I never thought about having kids until I was 24. I was just too selfish and incomplete to think about living my life for kids but once I had them, that's exactly what I did.

  • Maybe meeting the right girl will change your mind!


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  • it's funny because I'm actually in the opposite position.