How did you know he or she was the one and how fast did you know?

People say they just know when they are with the person they are going to marry. Do you think so? How fast do you know?

I met this guy after many jerks but he is very sweet and attentive and giving. I thought I would hate him but immediately he was easy to talk to and I don't have to overthink it I just enjoy myself with him. Feels simple. He's different.


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  • most people find out at different times. Even once you feel like someone may be "the one" there still is time to determine if they are the one forever. For example I'd say after a year or so I knew that I wanted to be with my fiancĂ© forever. I knew I loved her after a month or so.

    It's taken me 6months in one case to fall in love, a few months in another, and probably a month or less with my current fiance. I think the more you date the faster you can come to a realization about your feelings. when you're relatively inexperienced I think understandably it may take longer to realize love, or "the one", or whatever types of feelings.


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  • I think you'll just know when you know. but most people confuse knowing with infatuation and other bullshit:p

  • My daughters mother told me she fell in love with me when i held her hair while she was pukiing.


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  • Yes I can agree with this statement. I had 2 long term relationships, both of which I never truly had a feeling I would marry the guy. Sure, I'd think about it, we'd talk about it, but I never actually felt, "This is the one, I'd say yes if he asked". The guy I'm with now (my fiance, married in 2 months!), I knew very quickly. We met in February, dated for two months, became BF/GF in April. I knew sometime in June, that if he asked me I would say yes. I can say with certainty that it was June, because I was on vacation with girlfriends in NY City and I remember saying those exact words to her about him, "If he asks I'll say yes in a heart beat". That New Years, 10 months after we met, 8 months after becoming a couple, he asked me to marry him. I was shocked, it was incredibly romantic and I was not expecting it at all. That was 2 1/2 years ago now, we haven't looked back, it's going great. :)