What is the idea of marriage to you, and how much does love versus goals matter?

No matter what, you need the same values and goals and commitment minded attitude to make it work.

But, do you view it more as finding someone who meets your list and wants X Y and Z in A amount of time like you do? Or do you want that warm affection and love with someone?

Personally, I care a lot about the emotional love between the two of us. I would rather spend more time getting to know someone first than find someone who meets my "criteria" and wants immediate engagement.


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  • I think I agree with your approach more than the other way, probably 'cause I'm a hopeless romantic. But on the other hand, I guess it's also possible to fall head-over-heels in love with someone and then find out that you 2 don't share some values that are really important. And values and character are really important things when it comes to making a marriage work for the long haul.


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  • Emotions are like the wind. Warm affection and love for someone can grow, but feelings are way to unpredictable to be relied upon.

  • i'm kind of over the soul mate thing
    now my 100% criteria is:

    young, attractive, not annoying, (most importantly) would be a good mother, is culturally conservative and wouldn't divorce-rape me and take my kids away


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  • I would like a man I can trust and isn't a complete asshole, but I don't want him to be too perfect either, and a great dad! And a good snuggle buddy :3