Is my boyfriend going to propose?

So my boyfriend and I happened to be at his house alone for the first time in a while, he has a son who lives with him, and he mentioned that he has a surprise coming for me in about 6-7 months, or maybe a year, but he didn't say exactly. In 6-7 months that would be about the time we've been together for 3 years now. He also called me his "wife" a couple weeks back, and then last week when we were out with his son, he called us a family. Is he referring to proposing as the surprise, or am I reading too much into this?

  • yes- he's planning on it!
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  • no- you're a crazy bitch!!
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  • maybe- it could be that, but could be something else!
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  • No one here actually has the power of premonition... so... who knows? Only he knows.

    Good luck!