Ok, so why is marriage so important?

Can you not have a committed relationship without marriage? I get the whole exclusivity thing and I am all for that, but what really is the big deal with getting married? Other than specific legal reasons, men and women alike seem to have this unrealistic fantasy about marriage. It seems that a lot of people get married because of some social expectation and with the divorce rate being what it is, it would seem that it is not a great idea for most people.


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  • alto of women would choose marriage over a long-term relationship because it gives them a sense of security. eg. if a man and a woman had a couple of children and the man was primary bread-winner, the woman would be potentially left with nothing should they break up. also society instills a list of priorities on us for how our lives should be run eg. should be married with a family by the times you're in your early 30's. these ideals often make people in such a way that they marry for the wrong reasons and that's why, in my opinion, divorce rates are so high.

    • Well, it is nice to that someone answered the question. Wise beyond your years I think you might be.


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  • Yes, right, marriage is important for my grandma. Every time she wants to get me down - she reminds me that no one will want to marry me. I digest it very well and gladly answer that

    I don't even aim for marriage because I've learned on mom's experience and my other school

    friends are cradling babies now, keeping marriage papers in the shelf in 1-room tiny flats.

    It is not a game and only people who know for sure they want to get married should do so, after

    10 years living together maybe haha

  • marriage is the ultimate committment... Plus many people, like myself, are not going to have sex until they get married

  • Yes you can. marraige is nothing but a piece of paper that makes people feel committed which really doesn't matter since people don't value marriage like its meant to be valued. Really, its more of a woman's dream, fantasy that men go along with to make her happy. I think men can do without it but us women desire to be married more than men, I think. When you live with soeone and love them or not, its like a marraige anyways. No difference but having rings on your fingers and having the last name. that's it.

    • For the most part I qgree with you.

      my auntie was living with her boyfriend for like 10 years.

      her mother pressured them to get married

      well they did a year ago

      and I can honestly say nothing has changed.

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  • people veiw marrage the wrong way now adays. they don't see it as the comitment it was back 100 years ago. anymore its somewhat of a joke with how people treat it. I mean for some people they wanna have sex and they feel they have to be married before having it. witch is fine if you feel that way then ok save it. but people fall in "love " and rush into it get married and then devorce because they want sex with someone else. religion is the biggest thing that pushes people to have sex after marriage and well that's all fine if you belive that then good for you but don't rush into it and get married for the wrong reasons. id much rather see someone have sex before marriage then get married for sex.

    but I can't wait till I get married I feel like its a comitment to tell the love of your life I love you I want you and only you I will never leave you and I am happy to be with you! that's at least how I feel about it and its sad people don't veiw it any way like that they see marrage as I will be with you till I find some one hotter or when I have amid life criss I will drop you for someone younger. its real sad an pathetic in my eyes and I feel for thoes people they should not be able to get married cause they just make life a living hell for everyone involved...

  • Of course you can have a committed relationship without marriage. Any value given to marriage other than legal value is just artificially assigned by society, it's almost utterly meaningless.

    It doesn't even signify commitment as lots of people have been having affairs in their marriage, yes even hundreds of years ago (remember that next time you hear on of those nostalgic rants about how much better people were in the old days).