Girls and Guys, would you marry a total stranger if you were a not only a virgin but had never had a kiss or a date?

Suppose you've survived to age 30 without sex or romance and have become frustrated in finding anyone resembling a suitable partner. What concessions would you make? Would you become less choosy--for example, no longer insisting on virginity, good health, or attractiveness in a partner? Would you, as many cultures do, resort to a matchmaker or buy a bride or groom? Or would you insist that either a partner meet certain standards even if it might mean you'd never marry and so remain a virgin? Please check the poll box and broadly clarify your opinion in the comments section below.

  • I would lower my standards to find a partner
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  • I would resort to a matchmaker and marry a partner I've never met
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  • A partner must meet certain standards or else I would remain single
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Do not marry a stranger... They may be a rapist or have certain diseases but everyone does have someone and you will find yours...


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What Girls Said 2

  • Someone will come along, the right someone. Just have patience and believe even though it's hard.

  • If I'm attracted yes! Im 19 and haven't had my first kiss


What Guys Said 1

  • I never insisted on virginity. Alas, insisting on good health was no guarantee that I would never have to watch her die. I required that my wife be attractive to me (the rest of the world be damned).