What catches a guys eye? It seems like nothing I do is good enough for him. What do I do?

We are married. I do everything I can, everything he tells me too. I do my hair, makeup, nails, etc.


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  • If he suddenly seems not to notice you I'd be worried. You quote obviously caught his eye enough at one time that he married you. Unless you enjoy the role of submissive wife (that's for you to decide and not for anyone to judge) you shouldn't have to do a lot to get his attention.

    If he is still home luke he normally is and seems at least somewhat interested in being married still, I would say figure out a day when he doesn't have plans and have something the two of you enjoy doing together (or something he likes doing with you) If the two of yiu enjoy eating at dance restaurants, maybe have a reservation, greet him at the door when he gets home in a hot little sexy dress, have an outfit ready for him and a shower ready to go. Tell him dinner is at whatever time and there is an outfit wherever for him. Spice it up a bit by undressing him on the way to the shower and join him. If you have kids and want to resort the physical side of your relationship, maybe try for a little fun in the morn8ng. Creatively wake him wearing some sexy lingerie and wake him up with a slow soft blowjob or a hand job if he's "up" alreadynamic climb on top of him and slowly start things yours3lf. Give him time to wake up before you really get going. That's the kind of stuff that would recapture my attention and would stir things up a bit and shine a new light on my partner because it's just out 90 character


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  • Work out a lot. If you have a nice body he'll notice for sure.

  • Maybe you shouldn't have married him... You shouldn't have to TRY to catch his eye. Since he married you he must have liked something about you, which made him want you in the first place.

    You shouldn't have to change for him... if you do, then you know there is something seriously wrong...


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