I love my girlfriend and we have problems every once in awhile we both love each other and want to be together forever. How can I get her to marry me?

I know we are in the 2000s but I'm 18 she's almost 18 and I want to get married and she does to but I feel like she's scared she's my high school sweet heart and I love her please help please if u don't have anything good and positive to say don't respond.


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  • Marriage is a huge commitment.
    Being nervous or scared beforehand is a part of it.
    I don't see the rush in it all.

    If you're certain you want to be together forever
    whether you get married right away or later on
    shouldn't make much of a difference.
    You'll still be together... right?

    Give it some more time.
    Don't pressure her to make a decision now.


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  • Of course she's scared. Marriage is a huge commitment. How do you know you'll love this person in 10, 20, or 50 years? How does she know you will? Until you both feel safe and secure in your relationship, you really shouldn't get married.

  • Save up money for a ring
    Then propose

    Not rocket science

  • If you have to convince her or do something "to get her to marry you," then maybe you guys aren't ready for marriage yet. You don't want to pressure her, because then things could end badly. If you really love her, you'll be willing to wait for her.

    Have you talked about marriage yet? If you've never discussed the possibility with her, then proposing might come as a shock, and you don't want to scare her.


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