Says marriage is not in his plans. Uh, come again?

Dating this guy and on 3rd date he says maybe when he's fat & bald he'll find a soulmate. He thinks its stupid to pay so much money for one day when it could be used for a down payment on a house which makes sense. BUT I told him that's just how most women are programmed. If we can afford it we want the awesome ring, dress, and wedding. Am I beating a dead horse here? Or is it too early?


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  • Wait, so he doesn't want to get married? Or he doesn't want an expensive wedding? If it's the first, then if you want to get married, I wouldn't continue seeing him. And I suppose if a wedding with all the bells and whistles is really important to you, well, you know he isn't up for that so proceed from there. Just don't expect him to change, is the thing.


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  • I think marriage is dumb because of it's close relation with the law. In most cases of devource, the man gets screwed over and looses everything, it happened to my father so I know. My dad can barely scrape by, because my mom keeps getting money from him every week. I just don't understand why marriage gives people the right to basically steal from someone as long as they want to. However, the concept of marriage without all the thievery is nice. I would recommend getting a prenup though.


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  • If he says he won't get married I would leave if that's what you want.