Should we get less food for the wedding shower?

I'm maid of another, along with another girl, at my good friends wedding. We are throwing her a wedding shower this weekend at a wine bar. The bride gave us a list of 30 people that she wanted to invite, and so we told the wine bar that we need food & drinks for about 25-30 people. However, only 11 people have RSVP'd. Should we contact the wine bar and lessen the amount of food & drinks we're getting, since 11 people have rsvpd (so that we are able to save money), or should we just keep it the way it is?


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  • I think it depends if you think those 11 people are going to be extra guest along? If those 11 people are only showing up then I think it would be a good idea to reduce the food and drinks your getting. Did the invite say they can bring a guest along?


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