How to take my fiance not being super excited for our wedding even tho it's a very small thing? Also should I say something to her and if so what?

My fiancée has seemed barely excited about our wedding. She was really excited about getting her dress and about her bachelorette party but now she seems kind of not excited. I asked her and she said she's excited but she's not like "yaaaa I'm so excited." How should I take this? And if I should anything what should I say to her?


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  • I'm not engaged or married yet but my married and engaged friends planning weddings say it's pretty stressful... even if it's a small thing. Two major things are over - the dress and bachorlette party. It's probably hard to believe she's actually getting close to doing the actual deed!!! How soon are you getting married? I'm sure she's excited, it probably just hasn't snuck up on her and hit her yet. I know I'm that way... I don't get super stoked til right before something is happening... but inside I'm still excited, it's just crazy to think of wonderful things that are truly about to happen.

  • She might be super stressed about the event. Even though it's small it's still probably a big deal to her. The dress and bachelorette party are easy things for gals to get excited about and relieve a little of that stress


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