Should I ask out my cousin by marriage only?

Me and him always hug when we see one another and we always have along hug goodbye. Me and him made out last time we saw each other and he said he has felt that way about me for awhile. The thing is I don't think our family will approve. And if thing don't work out between me and him. The weekly dinners at grandmas are going to be really unconformable. So should I ask him out or not?


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  • honestly. I don't think you should. me and this guy just broke up, and he decided to inform me that him and his cousin by marriage made out. this is the same girl he would hug, and take pictures with, and everything, but he assured me nothing was going on throughout our entire relationship. but the day after we broke up, he made out with her. so chances are, if he has any exes that saw your guys' relationship, or you have any exes that saw it, they will probably get p*ssed. and most likely, your family will just get in their heads the closeness you guys have shared for however long, and think they were all stupid for not seeing it. its by marriage, but you are still family. just because year not blood does not make it right. my first impression of my ex tellin me that was telling him he was disgusting.and I wasn't even thinking about hurting his feelings. I honestly thought that. so...there is my answer.

  • UMM NO